Ek Duje Ke Vaste 21st January 2021 Written Update: Shravan and Suman’s mehendi

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The Episode starts with Shravan and Suman playing badminton. She wins. He says I wanted you to win, so I missed the shot intentionally. She says you do all this intentionally. He says I don’t want your hands to get hurt on the day of mehendi. She says I m fan of your excuses, I know the reason for your anger. She stops him and says you are upset with me. He asks with whom. She asks him to take lift and come home. She looks around and says I know the reason for your anger. She signs about the kiss. He asks her to come fast if she wants to come along. They leave on the bike. He drops her home. She smiles.

Shravan comes for the mehendi ritual. Rajender says we will see the real test of your and Suman’s mehendi. Shravan says I m giving many tests. Bunty asks him to explain. The lady says mehendi colour is dark if love is true. Bunty says great. Rajender says you can test my love and mehendi colour. Ragini asks him to let it be, she has seen it already. Rajender says let it be. He goes. Ragini excuses herself and goes to Rajender. She asks what happened. He says I had some work. She says I was just joking, its shagun to apply some mehendi. She holds his hand and takes him. Avni smiles. Shravan says Rajender has tried hard to make things fine. Suman gets mehendi applied. She smiles.

Beena is happy. Ramesh asks Veer to go to Beena. Veer says Beena told the same thing and sent me here. Beena says we were preparing for Ganesh pujan, are Malhotras coming tomorrow. Ramesh says yes, I have told them about it. Beena says we know about their devotion. Ramesh says I m sure they will come, don’t worry. Dumroo says we would have called Jhumri for help. Beena says I m doing all the work. Suman says its a right chance, tell everyone. Dumroo says time is running bad. Kanchan asks what had happened to Shravan. Suman says nothing, when did you meet him.

Kanchan says I had called him, he was sounding low. Suman says I m tired, just hurry up. Kanchan says you are trying to hide this from me. Suman says actually, he asked for something and I didn’t give. Kanchan says you are saying like this as if he asked for kises. Suman nods and blushes. Kanchan says what, really tell me everything. Suman says this is not a matter to tell loudly. Kanchan teases her.

Suman and her family reach Malhotras for sangeet. They see everyone dancing to music and drinking alcohol. Beena will feel bit different but then Malhotras will warmly welcome Tiwaris. Here Kanchan will go to Bunty. Bunty will say today I have nothing to give go to jhumri for seva. Kanchan says my work is from you and tells something which is muted. She calls Suman later and explains her something. The light goes off, Shravan just got out of washroom with just a towel. Suman comes and says I did this.

Shravan asks her to go as he has not wore anything. Suman says I came to give you what you asked for. Shravan says no but with Suman insisting they both close their eyes. Then light comes back and Shravan sees it’s Kanchan near him and Suman is far. Shravan understands it’s a prank. Bunty, Avni come there with Kavita who gets very angry seeing Shravan in towel with Suman and Kanchan. Shravan gets upset and says I told you not to do this, now what will mom think? Suman apologies.

Precap: Tiwari house is filled with everyone and puja is going on. Beena smells alcohol from Shravan’s mama ji. Beena gets very upset. Later Suman and Shravan have a fight regarding this.

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