Ek Duje Ke Vaste 23rd September 2020 Written Update: Shravan and Suman escape together

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The episode starts with Vijay telling Dadu that he has to leave for an important work after getting a call about a terrorist attack in college and asks Ramesh to go with Suman. The latter exchanges smile with Kanchan. She thinks that thankfully Vijay is leaving so that her plan will work. Vijay is surprised that Suman, who usually greeted him hugging and saluting, didn’t even glance at him. He wonders if she is really so upset with him.

Kavita is upset because Shravan is going to another country, but Shravan assures her that he will keep calling her. Both Shravan and Suman leave in their respective cars and look at each other from the windows.

Anjali tries to explain Suman that whatever Vijay is doing is for her only and says that life is long so such turns will keep coming. Suman stays silent.

Vijay goes to Suman’s room and looks around missing the way Suman used to greet her when he had to leave for duty. He writes an email to Suman saying that she will read it when she will get her phone back once in Pune only. He says that he hopes she will meet him hugging like she used to do earlier when they will meet and that he loves her. He sits on her bed and says that she learnt everything about army without being taught. He emotionally touches her photo with him. He gets a call. He takes the picture with him before leaving.

On the other hand, Suman asks Dadu to stop the car as she needs to get some stuff from the store. She promises them to be back soon and says that she doesn’t want to bother them, but it is important. She leaves. Kavita and Devraj are waiting for Shravan to come back from the same store too.

Shravan and Suman meet in the store. They distract the storeman and leaves together holding hands. On the TV of the store, news flashes that firing is still going on in college and Vijay Tiwari has reached there with his team.

Devraj gets impatient while waiting for Shravan. He notices Dadu, Anjali and Ramesh sitting in car and wonders what they are doing there. He goes out to check. Dadu notices Devraj entering the store and goes to check too.

Bunty is waiting for Shravan and Suman to come. They finally come and he asks them to hurry up and get inside the car. Suman and Shravan get into the car. Bunty introduces the driver Montu saying that he is trustworthy. Shravan asks Suman if she is feeling nervous. Suman says that her fear disappeared seeing him. Shravan asks her if she feels that what they are doing is right. She says that for now is wrong but it’s for their life. Bunty adores them. The car starts and they leave.

Devraj and Dadu enquires at the store and come to know that Suman and Shravan left together from the backdoor. They are worried.

Shravan tells Bunty that they will stay away from their families for two or three days, so that they can cancel the plan to send them to Pune/USA. Suman asks where they will stay. Shravan replies that they will stay at his Mausa’s house. Suman asks whether he told him everything. Shravan replies that he didn’t tell him yet but he is like a friend to him so he will understand.

Later, Malhotras and Tiwaris gather at Suman’s house. Dadu wants to file complaint against Shravan for forcefully taking Suman away but Devraj takes stand for Shravan. Ramesh asks them to sit down. Kavita cries and asks Devraj to bring Shravan back. Beena comforts Anjali who is worried too and says that they will be back soon. Dadu says that they would have not escaped if they wanted to return and is not willing to spare Shravan.

Dadu gets a call and turns on the news. They learn that the firing is still going on in the college and Vijay is leading the operation. Anjali cries because Suman is far from home and Vijay is in danger and both, whose life is in each other, aren’t aware of that. Kavita says that they will pray together. Devraj says that he will go to find the kids and asks Rajinder to handle the situation at home.

On the other hand, Shravan tells Suman that Mausa is not at home and asks Bunty to make some other arrangements. Bunty says that they

Episode ends
Precap: Shravan asks Suman what happened and if she is missing home. Suman says that she was just thinking that her mother must have got lonely without her since also her father left home after so many days. Shravan assures her that everything will be fine. The two have some fun moments together while chasing each other. They fall on floor and are about to kiss. Shravan and Suman get shocked to listen the news on television about Vijay getting martyred during the operation for which he had gone. Both cry. Suman breaks down on her knees.