Ek Duje Ke Vaste 24th July 2020 Written Update: Suman tries convincing devraj to let shravan join the group studies

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The episode starts with Vijay regretting doubting Devraj’s intention whereas he didn’t even mention his name in front of the new colonel. Suman and Damru come in the garden while Dadu is doing yoga. Damru asks if he can go to give balm to Devraj who got hurt on the hand and also Shravan since Dadu punctured his tyre and he might have got hurt while changing it. Dadu defends himself saying that they keep parking on their spots. Suman says that Shravan doesn’t even need group study since he will go to USA after school. Vijay says that they are doing wrong and says that he will go to Malhotra’s house himself to give the balm.

Shravan has locked himself in the washroom as Suman asked him to stay away from Devraj and not tell him anything about what happened the last day. Avni asks what they gave him to eat that he is staying in bathroom for so long. Shravan wonders if he made a mistake by trusting Avni.

On the other hand, Kanchan tells Dadu that they shall send Suman with Vijay to Malhotra’s house as well since she is so honest and will not let Shravan lie on anything in front of Vijay. Dadu agrees and asks Suman to go with Vijay.

Meanwhile, Shravan comes to the dining table. Devraj asks him what he learnt yesterday. Shravan keeps making excuses to avoid the question. Someone rings the doorbell. Shravan rushes to open thinking it’s Suman but it’s just the delivery boy with parcel. Shravan gets the parcel and sits back at table. When Devraj asks him what he learnt, Shravan starts explaining about the trust exercise that they had to do which taught them that a battle can be won only with trust.

Vijay and Suman come. Vijay apologizes to Devraj for what Dadu did the last day and says that he shouldn’t have kicked Shravan out of the class for a little thing. Suman reads Shravan’s message telling her that he has already lied to Devraj but it’s too late. Devraj scolds Shravan a lot and bashes him calling him stupid. Vijay promises him that, if Shravan attends his group studies, he will become disciplined just like he wants. After promising that, he leaves. Shravan walks away too.

Suman stays there and sits with Devraj applying balm on his hand. She tells Devraj that he should let Shravan come for group studies and trust Vijay who never leaves his promises unfulfilled and will surely change Shravan. She asks Devraj if she can go to meet Shravan. Devraj allows her. Kavita asks him not to get trapped in her sweet talks but Devraj interrupts her showing a hand.

Suman goes to Shravan’s room. She sees him getting ready by applying deo. She asks him where he is going. Shravan says that he gets ready like this when he is upset and now she can call him stupid too. Suman pulls his leg. Shravan is frustrated and starts walking towards Suman who backs off until hitting the bookshelf. Shravan tells her that he was a state champion player of badminton but Devraj stopped his game because of studies, plus every girl he has ever dated has always praised him, and all this means that he is not stupid. He asks if she needs to prove anything else. Suman understands his frustration and just tries to convince him to join the group studies telling him that the last day it was Aneesh who messaged him to come but this time it’s Vijay who wants him to join. However, Shravan doesn’t accept because he doesn’t want to get insulted again. Suman is about to leave but gets worried thinking that Vijay may think that Devraj didn’t allow Shravan to join the group studied and misunderstandings between them might increase. She thinks that she has to convince Shravan so she turns to him and says that if his mind changes, he should come with one button of the shirt opened as he looks handsome like that and adds that she will be waiting for him. Shravan gets happy hearing that and smiles. Suman leaves.

Downstairs, Shravan’s family is sure that Shravan won’t go to the group studies. Suman comes there. Kavita asks her if Shravan will join the class. Suman tells her that Shravan didn’t give any answer. She leaves. Kavita and Chachi get happy knowing that Shravan didn’t even find important to answer Suman.

On the other hand, Dadu is sitting with Devika, Aneesh and some other students who have come for group studies. They are happy that they taught a lesson to Shravan but just then Suman comes and tells them that Vijay wanted Shravan to join so he will be coming too. Everybody gets upset. Suman smiles and walks away.

Kanchan asks Suman if everything is fine. Suman tells her that nothing is final yet but, since Vijay promised, he has to come. Kanchan says that he won’t come after yesterday’s insult. Suman tells her that she fake praised him and he was very happy so he shall come.

Suman is right and Shravan is very happy recalling Suman’s praises. He is very excited to stay near Suman for one month for group studies and he is keen on teaching a lesson to Dadu and Aneesh.

Episode ends

Precap: Avni asks Shravan if he got trapped in Suman’s sweet talks being the innocent and stupid guy he is. Kavita doesn’t want Shravan to attend those group studies and says that neither her nor Devraj will agree for it even if he tries hard. Shravan tries explaining her that he needs group studies. On the other hand, Dadu and Aneesh don’t want Shravan to attend the group studies. When everybody gathers in the garden for the class, Shravan doesn’t show up. Devika thinks that he is ashamed and won’t come. Suman looks at the gate.