Ek Duje Ke Vaste 24th September 2020 Written Update: Suman is devastated after her father’s death

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The episode starts with Bunty showing his room to Shravan and Suman and apologizing since the house is a bit dirty. Suman understands that she understands since parents aren’t home. Bunty says that windows and doors shall be closed. Shravan asks him about food. Bunty says that he will go to get Bhel Puri. Shravan thanks him for doing so much for him. Bunty asks the two to pray for him so he gets a beautiful girl too.

Bunty gets Devraj’s call. He picks it up and pretends to be unaware of everything. When Devraj says that Suman and Shravan have escaped, Bunty acts to be shocked and swears that the last time he saw Shravan he was just sad because his father was sending him to the USA. Shravan gestures Bunty who understands and asks Devraj about Kavita and Avni. Devraj says that Kavita keeps crying. Shravan gets sad. Suman comforts him. Bunty cuts call and asks them to freshen up. He leaves to get food.
Devraj talks with his friend Ankit who is a police officer. Ankit says that he cannot do anything yet since he has to wait for 24 hours before filing a missing complaint but adds that he will search for Shravan and Suman unofficially. Devraj thanks him.

Later, Shravan sits near Suman who is reading something, and asks her if she is feeling sad. She replies that she is worried for her mother who must be feeling lonely without her and without Vijay who left the house after so many days. He asks what he is reading. Suman shows horoscope. Shravan says that he doesn’t believe all this. Suman reads his horoscope anyway. Shravan wants to read hers too but she runs away to hide it. He chases her. They fall down one next to the other. Shravan reads Suman’s horoscope which says that she will be getting a gift. Suman says that he didn’t give her anything. Shravan plants a kiss on her forehead. They hug.

Ramesh comes back home and informs Beena, Dadu and Anjali that SP Khanna is Devraj’s friend so he will be helping them to find Shravan and Suman. Dadu calls Devraj’s connections as corruption. They hear news about people losing life during a terrorist attack in college. Dadu calls major to get updates about the situation and comes to know that it’s not getting better.

On the other hand, Suman asks Shravan if he wants a sandwich or biscuits. He hugs her from behind and says “I love you”. Suman asks how many girls he said that. Shravan tries to avoid the questions but Suman insists to he lists all the girls whom he said I love you too but it wasn’t genuine. He asks her how many girls she said “I love you”. Suman replies just one and that too wholeheartedly. Shravan asks whom. Suman says that she loved him only. They hug. Suman says that his stomach is making noise and gives him a sandwich which he likes a lot. He asks her whether she felt bad as he said “I love you” to so many girls before her. Suman points a knife at him and warns him not to say it to anyone else after her. He promises her that. The doorbell rings.

Shravan opens the door and Bunty is there. He asks why he took so much time. Bunty is breathing heavily and seems worried. Shravan asks if he saw someone at the store. Bunty reveals that he saw the news on the TV of the store and came to know that a terrorist attack happened at a college and military teams have gone there. Suman gets worried.

They switch on the TV and watch the news. Suman understands that Vijay suddenly left in the morning to go to this mission. Shravan asks her if he said anything before leaving. Suman cries because she didn’t even hug him or salute like she used to do properly, instead she didn’t even look at him properly. Bunty asks Shravan to call home. Shravan turns on the mobile and receives lots of missed calls and notifications. He gets Rajendra’s message and gets shocked as he tells them that Suman’s father is no more and asks them to come back immediately.
Suman asks Shravan what happened. Shravan shows her the message and she refuses to believe. Shravan sheds tears. Suman throws the mobile away but just then news comes about Vijay’s death. Bunty is shocked to hear. Suman is devastated and breaks down on her knees. She cries. Shravan tries comforting her.

At Tiwari’s house, Anjali lifelessly sits near Beena who is trying to comfort her. Vijay’s dead body is in front of them. Everyone is wearing white. Ramesh sees Suman who comes there. Suman looks at Vijay’s dead body stunned and cries recalling their moments together. She remembers the last time she was with him and didn’t even greet him properly. She salutes him and cries. Shravan is there too and cries. Suman hugs Vijay and cries her heart out. She feels dizzy. Beena and Anjali hold her. Shravan steps ahead but Ramesh stops him and asks him to leave from there. Shravan tries convincing him that Suman needs him but some men throw Shravan out. Suman looks on. She stays with her mother and comforts her.
Episode ends

Precap: Devraj is arrested and is called a traitor to his country. He is accused of producing fake bulletproof vests. Dadu blames Devraj for Vijay’s death. Shravan meets Suman and tells her that everyone is calling his father a traitor but they know what the truth is. However, Suman silently cries without even looking at him.