Ek Duje Ke Vaste 26th January 2021 Written Update: Suman and Shravan fullfill another promise.

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Episode begins with Shravan getting praised by all his relatives about how handsome he is looking. Kavita will say that choice is hers. Then she will think how Beena would have let Shravan down infront of all their relatives due to dhoti kurta. Shravan is then told about the horse on which he has to go. He will say why horse is required to go just to next door.

Kavita will say you are going as Dulha and here, Bunty will say and I wanted to dance in your baraat. Everyone will laugh. Shravan will sit on the horse and everyone will throw money and celebrate and dance around him.

Here, Suman and her cousins with Kanchan will come to balcony to see the baarat. Suman will see Shravan and will be mesmerised. Shravan also will see Suman and smile. Kanchan will notice that Shravan is not wearing the traditional dhoti and kurta Beena gave him. She gets worried. Suman asks what happened? Kanchan informs her about the swap in dress of Shravan. Suman says don’t worry, me and Shravan came together after so much of difficulty now nothing wrong will happen. Kanchan smiles and says I hope so too.

Ramesh comes there and asks them what are they all doing there? Kanchan says the bride couldn’t wait to see the baarat. Suman gestures her to be silent. They all go inside. Beena comes there and says the baarat is almost here and you all are here come on help me now for preparing for the swagat. Beena will taunt the Malhotras saying they are playing dhol and dancing just for 50 meters way. Ramesh says it should look like a wedding and they are celebrating their way it’s okay.

Kanchan whispers to Suman how soon Beena will be angry due to what Shravan is wearing. Ramesh will tell Beena that Shravan is wearing sherwani. Beena will be angry and say how can the traditional marriage happen this way. Ramesh will calm her and make her understand how Kavita also had some dreams for Shravan’s marriage. He promises Beena that let Suman also change and every other ritual will be according to her. Beena agrees with great difficulty. Suman is happy that things got sorted.

They go out and see the baraatis dancing. Shravan also dances happily. Beena does the aarti and welcomes him. Kanchan asks for shagun. Shravan says its bribe, not shagun. Kanchan asks for 51000rs. Rajender asks Shravan to think well, if he agrees today, then he will have to listen to her always. Bunty says Kanchan looks so lovely, how will you refuse, give her what she is asking. Shravan asks him to go. Ragini says we will fix it at 11000rs.

Kanchan says no. Devraj says we will have it done at 21000rs. He says groom will run away if you don’t agree. He gives the money. They enter the house. Shravan sits in the mandap. Suman comes in the red bridal dress. Shravan smiles. Ramesh says we want to get pics clicked before the rituals begin.

He says its Kavita’s dream, we will get pics clicked in these clothes, then you will be wearing Beena’s choice of clothes and have the rituals done. Shravan and Suman say we can do anything for the family’s happiness. They get the photos clicked. Bunty asks pandit to start mantras now. Beena asks what’s happening here. Ramesh says Kavita has her dreams, like you have your wishes.

Beena says she is a strange woman. Ramesh says yes, not everyone is sensible like you. He taunts her. Devraj says Kavita, your and Beena’s wishes are kept. Kavita says she is a strange woman. He says yes, not everyone is sensible like you.

Shravan and Suman get dressed in traditional clothes. They have a chat. He says just one promise is left, a kiss before the marriage. Suman says I didn’t fulfill the promise given to Shravan. Bunty says I m happy for you. Light goes. Shravan says we have got a generator, right. Kanchan comes. Shravan says no more jokes, I have to marry. Kanchan says come with me. She takes him to Suman. Suman lights a candle. Kanchan and Bunty get Shravan there. Kanchan asks them to complete their promise. Kanchan and Bunty leave.

Shravan says I am ready to do anything, because you will be just mine after doing all this. She says our relation is much imp, will you be my buddy. He says buddy for life. They shake hands. They have a kiss. She says we have kept all the promises before marriage. He says I promise, I will keep all my promises after marriage. She says I will always keep my promises, I promise. They smile.

Shravan and Suman sit for their marriage. Everyone smiles. They get married.

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