Ek Duje Ke Vaste 27th January 2021 Written Update: Suman weds Shravan

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Episode begins with Shravan’s mama ji saying marriage is such a big function they should have kept generators. Ramesh comes there and apologises saying inverters are there, I will go and check. Devraj will calm him and at that time light will come. Shravan will also come. Bassi will go to Shravan thinking today Shravan is looking like a good boy so let’s have some fun. Bassi says to Shravan that in field when army officer shoots it’s different from tying a dhoti and of he has really tied it well. Bassi says let us know now only, as there will be so many rituals and you will have to sit and stand so we will handle your dhoti. Shravan will laugh.

Beena will ask Pandit ji to start with duar puja. It will start. Pandit ji will ask Suman’s brother to come for the ritual and ritual will begin. Then Suman will be asked to come to the mandap. She will come. Shravan will be mesmerised by her beauty. He will go back to the first day he met Suman. Suman will come and sit on the mandap. Shravan will remember all their school time memories and how they used to spend time together. They will do the rituals. Then, time will come fpr warmala. Shravan will not put his head down at first but then after a while he does and Suman tries to go back while Shravan is putting the warmala but then both finish the ritual.

Then pandit ji asks for Suman’s mother and father to come to the mandap for kanyadan. Everyone will get sad specially Suman. Beena will come with Ramesh and the ritual will start. Bunty will bring coffee and give to Kanchan saying with Dulhan even her family members need to be fine. Kanchan takes the coffee and gives to the Malhotras. Bunty thinks I did the hardwork and Kanchan took the appreciation. Ramesh gives Suman’s hand to Shravan. Kavita does the gathbandhan. Shravan and Suman take the wedding rounds. Everyone showers flowers on them.

Avni says Shravan is happy after a long time. Suman comes forward for the last three rounds. Ramesh thanks Devraj. He says we got saved from the house battle because of you. Devraj says its my son’s marriage also, we are one family. Ramesh says if Vijay was alive, he would have been glad, sorry. Devraj says really, if Colonel Vijay was there, he would be very alive. Kanchan calls Ramesh.

Shravan fills sindoor in Suman’s maang. He makes her wear the mangalsutra. Everyone claps. Suman greets her parents’ pictures to take blessings. She cries. The family cries for her bidaai. Suman hugs Kanchan and others. Ramesh says we are one family now, if Suman makes a mistake, forgive us. Devraj says we are lucky that Suman is coming to our house, we will keep her happy like our daughter. Ramesh consoles Suman and asks her to come. Suman throws the rice back while leaving the house. She cries and hugs her family members. She sits in the car with Shravan. Shravan holds her hand and cheers her up. Beena hugs Kanchan and consoles.

Precap: Shravan talks to his friend. His friend says I didn’t meet my wife since 3 months. Shravan also gets a call from his senior.

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