Ek Duje Ke Vaste 29th January 2021 Written Update: Shravan leaves for his new posting.

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The Episode starts with Shravan preparing Suman for the match. He asks her to pay attention, he wants to see her win. She says you won’t be here at the time of my match. She gets sad. He says I can’t see you sad, I know that we have to think twice when its about emotions. She says things were easy when you were with me, but now, you will get posting somewhere else. He cheers her up. He says if we don’t go now, then I will be left here, after marriage, I think…. Colonel Gujral comes and congratulates them. He asks are you excited for the promotion party, its after 2 days, you will be coming right. Shravan says yes, I can’t miss her proud moment. Gujral says good to know. He goes. Shravan asks why didn’t you tell me about the party. Suman says what could I say, you are going away.

He says I will be there, my wife is doing just great. Kavita makes food ready. Ragini says its all Shravan’s fav food. Kavita says yes, don’t know where is he. Suman helps Shravan get ready. She says its a wife’s right. Shravan says you have to pack my clothes always whenever I go out from now. She agrees. He holds him.

They smile seeing each other. She asks are you not getting late now. He goes. Beena asks Kanchan to get onion from the market. Kanchan says I m going to meet Suman, she is still my sister, our relation didn’t change. Kanchan goes to meet Suman. She hugs him. She asks Suman to be strong. Suman asks can’t I cry on a dear one’s leaving, can’t I stay sad. She says don’t know where is Shravan getting the new posting. Shravan meets his family and leaves in the car.

Suman smiles and waves to Shravan. Shravan is also sad. Suman cries. Shravan calls Suman and says you didn’t say bye to me. Suman says I came out, but… He asks her to come on the terrace soon, come with a lovely smile and say bye. Suman goes on the terrace. She waves to Shravan and smiles. Shravan waves to her. He leaves.

Kanchan says I see you both and this connection, then I get a believe in love. Suman says I also didn’t believe it before, you know it. Kanchan says you used to be so rude. Suman says I will go to the cantonment now. Kavita asks Beena to have tea. Beena says I didn’t come to meet Suman, I came to give you the monthly rent, Shravan has paid the loan, we spoke about it before. Kavita says Shravan wants to go on a big mission, lets see where he gets the transfer.

Shravan meets his senior. His senior says we all are proud of you, congrats, you are posted in Bhopal battalion. Shravan says I didn’t understand, why did I get posting there. Senior asks why, can’t you work in Bhopal. Shravan thanks him.

Suman and Shravan talk on the phone. They miss each other.

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