Ek Duje Ke Vaste 31st July 2020 Written Update: Shravan finds himself in a tight spot because of his mother

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The episode starts with Kavita, Chachi and Rajinder stopping Shravan when he is about to go to Tiwaris’ house for group studies. Kavita asks him to stop chanting Vijay’s name since his family insulted them, bashed them and also punctured his friend’s tyre. Shravan says that in class he gets a lot of respect from Vijay. Rajinder says that they don’t even give them chair to sit. Chachi declares that they clearly don’t like them. Kavita asks him not to ever go there from today onwards because they won’t ever like them.

On the other hand, Suman and Kanchan wonder where Shravan is. Dadu comes. Suman asks him to wait for Shravan. Aneesh says that Shravan might have lost the excitement and won’t come on time every time now.

Meanwhile Chachi tells Shravan that Kavita didn’t even eat anything since last night. Shravan says that she shouldn’t do this but Kavita tries to emotionally blackmail him.

Vijay comes in the class too and is surprised to see that Shravan, who had taken studies so seriously, isn’t there, so he asks Shravan to call him.

Kavita tells Shravan that she can’t bear him bending down in front of people who don’t respect him. Shravan gets Suman’s call, but he doesn’t pick up her call. She wonders if he will come or not. Suman calls Bunty and asks him about Shravan. He wonders why he didn’t reach yet since he was all ready to leave.

Bunty goes downstairs and sees that Shravan is still in the hall. Kavita walks away saying that she doesn’t want him to go to class but he can do whatever he wants. Shravan seeks help from Bunty who convinces Kavita to let Shravan go since everybody in the class is waiting for him. Rajinder says that they would have come to call Shravan if that was the case. Bunty says that they will come tomorrow but today they shall let him go today. Kavita and others accept and let Shravan go. Shravan scolds Bunty wondering what he will do tomorrow since nobody will come to take him.

On the other hand, Vijay gives questions paper to students and ask them to submit them to Dadu while he prepares the next activity. He leaves. Shravan comes and asks Dadu if he can enter. He even says that he is ready for any punishment. Dadu asks him to answer the questions on paper without calculator. He takes others inside while Shravan has to write answers.

Shravan is answering the questions when Suman comes asking why he come late since she had asked him to come on time wearing his new shirt. She smilingly asks him if the shirt he is wearing is the one he was talking about but Shravan talks to her rudely asking him to let him concentrate since he has to solve questions without calculator. Suman leaves angrily after Shravan talks so rudely. Shravan is answering the questions with a wireless headphone through which Bunty suggests him answers.

She goes to her room and complains about Shravan’s behaviour with Kanchan who tells her that boys want more attention and praises than girls and she should understand that otherwise Shravan is a very cool guy.

Shravan submits his question paper to Dadu who is impressed seeing the correct answers and says good to him. Dadu leaves.

Suman comes and says to Shravan that the last day he got praises from Vijay and today from Dadu so now she should compliment him as well. She says that he is looking dashing in this shirt and turns around walking away. Shravan gets very happy hearing Suman’s words and almost jumps in excitement. Suman turns around and notices that he didn’t even remove price tag from his new shirt. She gets closer to Shravan to remove the price tag from Shravan’s shirt. “Mere liye tum kaafi ho” plays. Suman removes the price tag with mouth.

Shravan thanks Suman. The latter asks him to come on time from tomorrow. She is about to leave but Shravan stops her and tells her that he won’t come to the class from tomorrow since her mother feels that he doesn’t get any respect. Suman says that this is not the case, it’s only Dadu who has prejudices about civilians. Shravan says that his mother won’t let him come unless the class is held at his place the next day, because if he keeps attending classes then his mother will stay hungry. Suman replies that Dadu will never agree to do class at his place. Shravan says that he cannot see his mother in little pain also so he won’t come to class anymore.

Shravan goes back home sadly because he won’t be able to meet Suman daily without classed. Avni notices that his mood is off. Avni and Kavita ask Shravan if they agreed to shift class at their house. Shravan lies that the next is holiday. Avni catches his lie though.

At night, Bunty tells Shravan that if Kavita will come to know about his feelings for Suman then she will start a war. Shravan says that they will think about that later but now they shall focus on current problem. At the same time, Suman tells Kanchan that she told Shravan that Dadu won’t ever agree. Kanchan agrees that Vijay might agree but not Dadu. Shravan and Bunty discuss about what to do too, since he cannot even let Kavita hungry. Shravan complains because Suman has no idea to give too. On the other hand, Suman says that she felt nice knowing that she cares so much about his mother and she wants to help. Kanchan asks her to talk with Shravan who must have good ideas only. Meanwhile Shravan gets an idea and asks Bunty to wake up early and hopes to shift class at his house somehow.

Episode ends

Precap: Suman asks Shravan to come to the class today at least, then she will do something. Shravan asks her if the class can be shifted to his house if there will be a blackout at her place. Suman replies that it can happen. Shravan, with the help of Bunty, cuts electricity wire of Tiwaris’ house where all lights gets switched off. Dadu, Aneesh and Suman go to check in the storeroom, where Shravan is hiding, what happened to lights and understand that someone intentionally cut the wires. They are about to leave when they hear a noise caused by Shravan.