Ek Duje Ke Vaste 4th August 2020 Written Update: Suman gets angry with Shravan

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The episode starts with Bunty asking Shravan if Suman is even coming. Shravan says that Suman always fulfils her promises and just then the bell rings. Devraj looks on. Shravan and Bunty see Jhumri opening the door and Damru is there with some stuff. Jhumri and Damru flirt with each other and then make way for the students.

Aneesh, Suman and others enter followed by Vijay. The latter is about to tell Devraj what happened but Kanchan screams intentionally to interrupt him. Suman says that they saw an insect. Shravan says that they shall start the class. Vijay tells Devraj that they shall talk later. He leaves with students. Kavita complain about Kanchan and Suman’s drama for the insect. Rajinder says that he is going to have a lot of fun.

Bunty brings the students in Devraj’s room where the class shall be held. Aneesh grabs Shravan’s trophy and comments that it looks like his father fabricates trophies too that is why Shravan has so many of them. He also finds a binocular and wonders what Shravan uses it for. He tries it and understands that he can look into Suman’s room with it.

Vijay comes in the class and start the lesson. He says that today’s lesson is about observation skills: sometimes weapons aren’t used in the war but a war is going on so they shall observe the enemy. Shravan says that enemy will use this technique too so what they shall do. Vijay says that it is a very good question. Shravan and Suman smile. Bunty claps. Shravan glares at him and he leaves. Vijay says that they shall divide in couples and write about each other: Devika-Suman and Aneesh-Shravan are pairs. Shravan thinks that now Aneesh will insult him in his own house.

On the other hand, Dadu is frustrated and says that he will go to talk to society officer. Beena wonders the reason of his frustration and asks Ramesh if he talked with him for the matter of Indore. Ramesh recalls Dadu asking him not to tell everything they talk about to Beena so he just leaves after yelling at her. Beena is confused with his behaviour.

Meanwhile, Vijay asks whose chit is left to read. Aneesh raises his hand so Vijay asks Suman to read it loud for Aneesh. Bunty tries stopping Kavita who is going into the room with some snacks because he doesn’t want her to hear Aneesh’s insults for Shravan but he fails and Kavita enters in the room. She is heartbroken to hear Suman reading Aneesh’s chit which contains lots of insulting stuff about Shravan like he is undisciplined and a liar. Suman sees Kavita who has teary eyes and is about to leave but she suddenly starts reading good stuff about Shravan which Aneesh hasn’t even written saying that the previous one was his first impression about Shravan while now he knows how good at heart and how many other good qualities he has. Kavita gets happy hearing that. Aneesh wants to tell Vijay that he hasn’t written all this but stops when Vijay, impressed by what he thinks Aneesh has written, gives him ten points. The class is dismissed. Kavita asks Vijay to come to have tea. Vijay says that he will surely have tea with her and Devraj. Kavita asks students to have snacks. She leaves.

Aneesh asks Suman how she dared changing what he has written. Bunty comes in between and argues with Aneesh but Shravan drags him away. Aneesh asks Suman why she lied. Suman says that she didn’t lie but said good things about Shravan which he had forgotten to write because there is always little goodness in everyone. Aneesh says that she isn’t able to recognize how wrong Shravan is and tells her that he looks into her house with the binocular.

On the other side, Shravan asks Bunty why he got into the conversation and almost started fighting. Bunty starts saying that he just does everything for him and starts counting whatever he did for him. Shravan sees that Suman is standing behind Bunty and whispers him to stop but Bunty says that he even looked into Suman’s house with binocular and still he is asking him to stop. Shravan turns Bunty around and he gets stunned seeing Suman there. Suman stands in front of Shravan and glares at him angrily.

Meanwhile Devraj, Kavita and Vijay are sitting together when Ragini comes and asks Vijay if he will have tea or coffee. Vijay says that he will have tea. Rajinder comes and says that sir likes tea like Devraj. Vijay says that he doesn’t need to call him sir. Rajinder asks if he is saying this just because they are neighbours since Dadu has called them manner less and people who live in dirt. Vijay is surprised to hear that.

On the other hand, Suman scolds Shravan and says that she misunderstood him and he is a wrong person. She walks away without letting Shravan justify himself.

Vijay kindly talks with Rajinder saying that there might be a misunderstanding and he apologizes on Dadu’s behalf if that happened. He adds that he can help them but Rajinder cuts him saying that Dadu is the one who needs help. Vijay asks what he means. Rajinder suggests him to make ticket for Dadu so that he can go to some religious trip. He gets call and leaves taunting Vijay that he hasn’t retired yet. Suman comes downstairs and Vijay asks her why she is still there. Suman says that she made mistake and shall have gone. Devraj asks them to eat something but Vijay walks away with Suman saying that they cannot stay there anymore. Devraj and Shravan look at their respective friends walking out of their house. Devraj calls Rajinder stupid.

After a while, Kanchan asks Suman what happened. Suman gives her red dress to Kanchan who says that she won the bet since she was wrong about Shravan so why she is giving it to her. Suman says that she was wrong about Shravan. Kanchan says that the dress is not her size. Damru comes and Suman gives him the dress asking him to give it to any friend of him and thank Shravan for this. She sits on bed frustrated thinking that now she has recognized Shravan’s true face.

Episode ends

Precap: Shravan tries talking to Suman but Kanchan says that Suman won’t talk to him and asks him to stop calling her Sumo. Shravan tries other ways to talk with Suman but she is very angry on him. Shravan tells Bunty that now he shall tell the truth to Suman because lies have brought the two families to nowhere and just created rifts. He calls Suman but Dadu picks up the phone wondering why he is calling his granddaughter. Shravan, unaware of the fact that Dadu is on the other side, asks not to cut the call and hear the truth now that he doesn’t want to lie. He says that it’s something about Vijay and adds that nobody, especially Dadu, should come to know about it.