Ek Duje Ke Vaste 4th January 2021 Written Update: Beena refuses to accept the relation of Shravan and Suman

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The Episode starts with Suman preparing a special dish. Dumroo offers help. She says nobody knows this special recipe, dad had learnt this and taught it to me. He tastes the Gajar ka halwa. She says if dad was here, he would have said, well done cadet. Dumroo says it smells so good. She asks him to serve it to everyone. Suman apologizes to Beena. She asks her to taste the halwa. She says I m sorry, I can’t forget Shravan, I was afraid of you, but I really…

.Beena says you love him, you have some sense, what’s the future of your relation, can Suman marry you, what would Devraj say. Suman says we left it on fate. Beena says there is no future for this relation, they didn’t leave a reason to hurt us, if you have any relation with Shravan, you won’t get my blessings. Beena asks Ramesh to come with her. Suman signs him to go. He goes. Suman goes to her room and sees Vijay’s pic.

Kanchan comes and says I was upset with Shravan before, but when your smile returned because of him, I wasn’t upset with him, mum will not accept him, no one will accept you both, you go. Suman says no, you know when mum left, Beena came to me and told me that she will not fill mum’s place, but she will try her best, she had never stopped trying, how shall I stop, we decided not to tell anyone, but we decided to convince everyone. Rajender says who takes such a big loan for love.
Ragini says Shravan has become much sensible. They have a talk about Tiwaris.

Rajender and Ragini come to Tiwari house to meet Suman. Dumroo lets them in. He says I m doing this for Suman, you just have 15 mins. They go upstairs and meet Suman. Rajender says we got to know a shocking news that Shravan bought this house, so you may have broken the engagement, why are you both making the families away. Suman says misunderstandings broke the families, but love won in the end. You both can understand this. Ragini says you really think the families will agree. Suman says Shravan and I will convince the families.

Rajender says fine, if the families don’t agree, then will you both run away. Beena comes and looks on. Suman says once Shravan comes back from his unit, we will marry. Beena thinks Suman chose Shravan than family, she didn’t regard me as her mum, I won’t let her do this mistake. She goes.

Suman says don’t worry, we will not run away, we have to make our relation strong, we won’t talk of marriage until we convince everyone, this time we are together, we trust each other, I request you, don’t tell this to anyone, I know your bond with Shravan and shared this secret. Ragini says we won’t tell our children’s secret to anyone. Beena comes to Shravan’s house and rings the bell. Devraj opens the door. Beena insults him for using his son.

Devraj says you have come home and behaved like an illiterate, who is misbehaving now. She says you came home and created a drama at Suman’s engagement, then you had put conditions when you were buying the house. They argue. Devraj asks her to do anything, just keep Shravan away from Suman and herself. She says wow, why is Shravan marrying Suman, you are using your son for revenge. He says mind your tongue. She says he is doing this, he wants to marry Suman, maybe he doesn’t respect you. She says if Shravan comes this time, then I will not spare him. She goes.

Devraj goes to Kavita and tells her. She says Shravan also spoke to me about Suman, what if this is true, if Beena also told the same. Devraj says call Ragini and Rajender. They come. Devraj says you remember you had sent an alliance for Suman once, call them, I want to fix an alliance for Shravan.

Rajender says we will ask when Shravan comes. Devraj insists. He calls and says I want to fix Shravan and your daughter’s alliance, we will keep the marriage when Shravan comes. Rajender asks what happened. Kavita says Beena had come and said Suman and Shravan are going to marry. Rajender thinks how did Beena know this. He says I don’t believe her, don’t come in her words. Devraj says if this is true then Kavita and I will leave the house. They get shocked.

Shravan and Suman have a video call. Beena says if Suman talks to Shravan, then her relation will end with us. Rajender asks Shravan to choose between Suman or Devraj.

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