Ek Duje Ke Vaste 6th October 2020 Written Update: Suman considers Vikram as an option.

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Episode begins with Damru telling his wife to pretend to be unknown. His wife says she misses him. Damru says he also misses her but it’s for few more days and for their benefit. Just then, Shravan enters and asks Damru what is he doing here? Damru says Suman didi said to fix the glass. Shravan remembers how Veer plays cricket and breaks the window by mistake and Suman said we did the mistake so we will fix it. Shravan takes the hammer and breaks the glass and says I will fix my own things and tell this to Suman. Damru goes.

At Suman’s house, Vikram has come for dinner. Vikram is thanked by Suman’s uncle and aunt for working so hard for the case. He says we will surely win it and don’t say thanks I did this thinking it as my own. He looks at Suman. Damru comes and says what Shravan did . Vikram says why would they do that and isn’t it the house against whom we are fighting the case. Suman’s uncle says yes but it was vaccant and now his son came.

Suman says just by entering army no one becomes smart. Vikram says let me go and talk. Suman says wait. Vikram says but he said this about you. Suman says leave it. Vikram then realises that he referred Suman as tum. Suman goes to leave Vikram outside. Vikram says sorry as he said tum. Suman says it has been so many years it shouldn’t be so formal now. Vikram then shares it’s good to see suman is looking things with him. Suman says I have a past. Vikram says her past doesn’t matter to him, he just wants to make her past and future beautiful. Vikram shares with Suman that he made a new friend and very nice one. Vikram explains him and Suman gets to know that it’s Shravan. Vikram then takes a leave.

Suman writes her diary and how Shravan has always created problems for him. She also thinks how Vikram has always helped her.

Next day, in Kent, Senior officer tells Shravan that Suman is his personal doctor who will take care of his injury. They try to give excuse but after a point have to agree. After going out, Suman says we will practice from tomorrow as I can’t bear you for so much time. Shravan gets a call from Vikram who asks him to meet up today for drinks. Suman gets tensed thinking what if Vikram gets to know about my past from Shravan, I want him to know from me. Suman sees senior officer and takes the opportunity and tells to Senior that she will start Shravan’s treatment from today only. Shravan is shocked and thinks now what’s the twist in this.

Episode ends.

Precap – Shravan’s friends say that rumours are going on that he has some connection with Dr. Suman. Shravan is in thoughts. Here, Suman says to Vikram that I wanted to tell you something about my past. Vikram says what is so special about the past that it made captain Tiwari so nervous.