Embracing Nature: Ananya Panday’s World Environment Day Message.

Bollywood actress Ananya Panday celebrated World Environment Day in a unique and inspiring way, sharing a Never Seen Before video on Instagram that has captured the hearts of her fans. In the video, Ananya is seen riding a horse through lush greenery, radiating joy and a deep connection with nature. Her heartfelt caption read, “The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth 🌱#EnvironmentDay.”


The post has garnered widespread admiration from her fans, who praise her thoughtful environmental awareness approach. One fan wrote about how this was a wonderful way to celebrate, the comment read, “Such a wonderful way to Celebrate World Environment Day”. Another fan spoke about how at peace Ananya looked in the video, “Ananya, you look so natural and at peace riding that horse!”

A third fan wrote, “You always inspire us to be better humans of the earth”, while another spoke about how she’s getting in touch with her roots, “Getting in touch with her roots and reminding us to do the same.” These comments, among others flooded her feed, showing how the young actress’ message resonated with many.

Ananya’s ongoing efforts to promote environmental awareness and her being the Goodwill ambassador of WWF India highlight her dedication to making a positive impact. She continues to inspire her followers to appreciate and protect our planet, making her a true role model for the younger generation.