Eramana Rojave 12th September 2020 Written Update: Anbukarasi advises Akhila

Eramana Rojave 12th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode start with Vettri telling about the girls contact number that are saved in his phone. He tells about some Anjali’s name that he blocked and asks Malar to check it. Malar asks Vettri he didn’t check her phone like she checked his contact list and his messages.

Vettri smiles and says he doesn’t need to check her phone as he knows his Malar. The latter asks why he is so perfect. Vettri teases her asking everyone wishes to have a perfect husband but she is asking him why he is perfect. He pulls her cheek and they share a cute moment.

Pavunu meets Vettri’s friend and asks to give his phone. Vettri’s friend says the competition is for married couples and not for lovers. Pavunu insists to give the phone, but Vettri’s friends pre

Azhagar is drinking alcohol with his friend. Thenu who is going to market, sees him. Azhagar friend tells Azhagar that thenu is watching her. Azhagar ingnores her and keeps drinking. Thenu angrily throws a stone towards Azhagar which cause the glass with drink fall.

She says no one in this village respect him, but she cared for him and tried to change him. He just forgot her words and started to drink again. Till date she was thinking about how to change him but hereafter she won’t. She says she doesn’t care even if he dies and leaves from there.

Azhagar cries saying he thought no one likes him, she herself came to him and talked. He thought at least Thenu likes him, but she said doesn’t care even if he dies. Azhagar friend try to console him.

Akhila is sitting and drinking something. Anbukarasi comes and sits next to her. She asks if Pugazh came to home. Akhila says ‘no’ Anbukarasi asks her to call him and asks where he is. Akhila hesitantly says she doesn’t know his number. Anbukarasi looks on stunned. Akhila explains she had his old number but when he changed his number he didn’t give her nor she asked.

Anbukarasi says couples life is all about sacrificing for each other. She asks Akhila to adjust if Pugazh says something unpleasant and she will talk to Pugazh to adjust with her. she says she doesn’t know what is the problem between them but advises Akhila to give Pugazh a second chance.

Akhila recalls Malar’s and Anbukarasi’s words. She looks at Pugazh’s photo on the wall. She starts talking looking at Pugazh photo. She says she loves him, and seeing his love for his childhood friend Puppy, she wanted to reveal that she is his Puppy but he hurt her talking about Azhagar. She asks he never thought about living a life with her.

Pugazh comes and questions what she is asking to tell to his picture and starts making his bed to sleep. Akhila says she wants to speak with him. she talks about reconciliation. Pugazh wonders and asks reason for her sudden change.

Akhila says that his mom advised her to sort out their differences. She asks Pugazh to forget whatever happened and reconcile with her. Pugazh disapproves with her saying his decision is already taken. He says he will bring the divorce papers and asks her sign first and lies down on bed. Akhila looks at him sadly.

Precap : Vettri massages her temples then her arms and her legs. He makes lies on his knees and pampers her.

The episode ends.