Eramana Rojave 25th September 2020 Written Update: Thenu tells her final decision to Azhagar

Eramana Rojave 25th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Rajadurai sharing his grief with Vettri. He apologizes to make him suffer due to his illness. Vettri says it’s his responsibility to take care of him. He gives Rajadurai medicine and explains when to eat which medecine.

.Rajadurai says he is lucky to get Vettri as his son-in-law and cries. Vettri consoles him and says he will send Pusari to take care of him. Rajadurai wishes to see his daughters and askes to bring Malar, Akhila and Pugazh. Vettri assures he will bring them, but Malar, Akhila shouldn’t know about his illness since they can’t bear it. Rajadurai agrees. Vettri takes leave.

Rajadurai’s wife questions Vettri he came suddenly and asks what the matter is. Since few days, Rajadurai doesn’t come out of his room and questions if he is fine. Vettri assures Rajadurai is fine. Rajadurai’s wife says she can’t take if anything happens to Rajadurai. Vettri says it’s been longtime that he met him, so he wanted to see him. Rajadurai6 wife says she believes him.

Pownu informs Maragadam that vettri Malar, Pugazh, Akhila were discussing in Vettri’s room. Maragadam asks what they were talking about. Pownu says she doesn’t know about it but she thinks there is a problem, Vettri Malar may have fought and Pugazh Akhila would have convinced them. Maragadam refuses to believe that Malar Vettri fought. She says she saw Pugazh, Akhila glaring each other and there is something between them. She is determined to find it out.

Rajadurai calls Malar. Akhila is also with Malar. The latter puts the call on speaker and speaks. she asks where he is. Rajadurai says he is at home. Malar asks he never stay at home and asks if he is fine. Rajadurai assures he is fine. He asks Malar Akhila to come to his home and stay for two days so he can spend some time with his daughters.

.Malar says she already talked to Vettri about it. She will ask Vettri and let him know. Rajadurai says he already talked to Vettri and the latter said he will bring his daughters. Malar gets happy and says they will come. Rajadurai asks to bring Akhila and Pugazh along with them. Malar says Akhila is also with her and asks to talk to her. Rajadurai asks Akhila to come with her husband. He says he will be waiting for them. Akhila agrees.

Malar tells Akhila that Rajadurai’s voice tone is changed and wonders what happened to him. Malar says they will find out what the matter is when they will go to see him. She asks Akhila if she will come. Akhila says she doesn’t want to come as she can’t behave normally with their parents holding all her sorrow inside her. Malar asks her to come with Pugazh since this visit may bring a change in them. Akhila agrees to come.

Azhagar apologizes to Thenu and says he is ready to do whatever she says in order to gain back her trust. He requests her to give him one chance. Thenu says the broken trust can’t be regained and everyone knows he isn’t in good terms with his family.

Azhagar says he wants to spend his lifetime with her and asks to understand him. Thenu says she doesn’t have any feelings for him. She just wanted to change him into a good human being and she will be happy if he changed. They can’t be together since her dad will never accept it and goes from there.

Azhagar tells to his friend what Thenu told him and cries. On the otherside Thenu’s friend questions her if she really doesn’t want to spend her lifetime with Azhagar since she also wanted it. Thenu says that’s in the past, now she doesn’t want it.

Malar and Vettri are laying on their bed. Vettri didn’t sleep and recalls Akhila Pugazh signing the divorce paper and Rajadurai breaking down. He turns and finds Malar awakes and questions why she didn’t sleep. Malar says she is thinking what is disturbing him as he seems lost somewhere. Vettri assures there’s nothing like this.

Malar says he lies if he is not disturbed there won’t be this much gap between them. Vettri holds her hand. She says she knows he is thinking of Pugazh and Akhila but requests him not to ignore her. Malar asks to play any song. Oru killi Oru Killi song plays in the background. Vettri caresses her hair and looks at her with love filled eyes.

The episode ends.