*EXCLUSIVE : Colors TV’s “Prachand Ashok” UNDER SCANNER *

By Gossips Tv : Colors TV’s much-anticipated show “Prachand Ashok,” featuring the dynamic duo Adnan Khan and Mallika Singh, has found itself under intense scrutiny within a mere month of its on-air debut. Despite high expectations surrounding its launch in February, the historical drama has taken an unexpected nosedive, leaving both fans and the channel executives in a state of distress.

Reports suggest that what was initially envisioned as a heart-winning saga has transformed into a subject of ridicule, with netizens quick to generate memes mocking the show since its promotional stages. This unexpected backlash has prompted Colors TV to take drastic measures, issuing a notice to the show’s producer, the renowned Ekta Kapoor.

In a bid to salvage the sinking ship, the channel has granted “Prachand Ashok” a three-month extension, coupled with a substantial reduction in its budget. However, the future remains uncertain as industry insiders speculate that the show may face the axe by the end of May. The decision to extend the show’s run is attributed to the impending IPL 2024, which prompted the channel to delay new launches until May.

This news undoubtedly comes as a disappointment to the devoted fanbase of Adnan Khan and Mallika Singh, who now anxiously await the fate of “Prachand Ashok” as it teeters on the edge of cancellation. Only time will tell whether the show can redeem itself within the stipulated extension or succumb to the challenges that have marred its early days on the airwaves.