EXCLUSIVE: Gul Khan to Roll Out New Show Based on Popular Tamil Drama “Mounaragam”

By Gossips Tv : Star Plus is gearing up to launch a series of new shows, bringing fresh and exciting content to its audience. Among these anticipated releases is a new project from renowned producer Gul Khan, known for her recent success with “Imlie.”

According to well-placed sources, Gul Khan is returning to Star Plus with a new show based on the popular Tamil drama “Mounaragam.” The original series, which captivated audiences with its unique storyline and compelling characters, will be adapted for the Hindi-speaking audience. The central character in this new adaptation will be a girl who is deaf and mute, adding an emotional depth and unique perspective to the narrative.

This isn’t the first time Star has attempted to remake “Mounaragam.” The show was previously launched on its sister channel, Star Bharat, under the title “Teri Ladli Mein” by Panorama Productions. Unfortunately, the show didn’t resonate well with the audience and was deemed a flop. However, Star Plus is determined to bring this story back to life, hoping to capture the magic and success that the original Tamil version achieved.

In addition to Gul Khan’s new show, Star Plus is preparing to introduce several other exciting series. This includes Rajan Sahi’s next project, a remake of “Geetha LLB,” and another based on “Anurager Chowa.”