#Exclusive: “I am glad to get something different to do”- Rutuja Sawant

Rutuja Sawant of popular Star Plus show ,Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali is enjoying the transition in her character graph from positive to negative |

“At first good girl, Mansi was very supportive of her sister-in-law, i.e. main lead Pallavi( Shivangi Khedkar), but now she has changed her tune. I am glad to get something different to do,” added she

We heard that you had imbibed the earlier positive qualities of your avatar in your daily life?

” Yes, some of her goodness had rubbed off on me, transforming me into a family-oriented gal, much to the delight of my parents. Still, now, with the character taking a nasty detour( Always cursing and wanting to ruin other people’s lives), I switch off after shoot and revert to being good old Rutuja.”

How have the fans reacted to this change of Mansi’s heart?

“Some of them write nasty messages( Threatening to find my residential address and bumping me off for tormenting Pallavi), which I laugh off for this hate validates my performance.”

But dont some fans get personal?

” Yes, recently, someone wrote that your sister would disown you one day( As karmic payback for my character’s anti-Pallavi stance ), which was quite disheartening. My funda is clear; say what you want to me, but dont drag in my family!”

How is your equation with all your co-stars?

While on-screen, I detest Pallavi in real-life Shivangi, and I are inseparable. I also adore Madhu as my younger sister.”

Since Mehendi is your first show, how has the journey been so far?

I have learnt a lot about the technical aspects of the acting craft. ” I am also much more aware of what is happening around me on set”.

Rutuja is enjoying the fame that comes with being a TV personality. ” My housing society folk speak to me with newfound respect; mom is thrilled with all the praise, Even the vegetable vendors give free freebies saying they watch the show.”

Looking ahead, Rutuja also wants to showcase her acting wares on both the big screen and the tiny mobile screen. She will have no qualms in going bold on OTT,” if the character is game-changing enough.” [Interview Taken By- Anil Merani]