#Exclusive: Just being an actor is not enough these days- Abhinav Shukla

Actor Abhinav Shukla who was last seen in Bigg Boss 14 gets candid about his career, bigg boss and more:

1. How has life been off late and whats keeping you busy?

Life is good, been traveling for work, leisure and just finished a mountaineering course

2. What next for Abhinav are we going to see you on the screen TV OTT or films anytime soon? 

 Yes sure, but i want to wait to play characters i want to play. Not just any character.

3. What is the real Abhinav like ?

Well he is real. One who appreciates all the love i have received from fans and public. 

4. Are you following bigboss if yes who is your favorite thus far?

No i don’t watch BB, it’s an interesting show to be in but i can’t watch it. All i get to know about BB is from my instagram feeds. 

5. Do you think with new content development and so many avenues for content experimenting as actor new doors have opened?

Yes they have but i also feel just being an actor is not enough these days dancers, comedians, influencers and motivational speakers are working more , are more popular and have the mass appeal. Thats why you see more of them replacing actors in various acting jobs.

6. Whats the kind of work you would love to do any bucket lists wish a wish work?

I don’t know , i am confused i always wanted to do films based on an athlete’s (eg milkha singh) , films on famous warriors from history, on our hero’s from Army .. but i realise there was a sudden over supply of such films in Bollywood and its all seems so saturated. There is still dearth of films like Good Will Hunting, Everest, Into The Wild… so thats my bucket list

7. How do you and Rubina spend time considering you both have hectic schedules?

Well spending time together these days is a liberty.. she is busy with Jhalak but she ensures that on days her work load is light we spend some quality time.