#Exclusive| Satvik in Agnisakshi…Ek Samjhauta is not negative. – Aashay Mishra

By Anil Merani| Aashay Mishra wants to scream from the rooftops that his character in Color’s shows Agnisakshi…Ek Samjhauta is not negative ” Satvik is a perfect son who will go on a limb for his family. Despite all this, circumstances force him to divorce his wife on the marriage day. He is very different from whatever I have played ( Pyaar Ke Papad, Story 9 Months  Ki).”

 “At first, I was too sceptical, but we need to realize that

 Satvik is not harmful, just that things occurred like this.”

“The writers have also ensured that his above reasons are properly clarified, so I appear open to the audience. I am happy to note that viewers are also buying Saatvik’s side of the story,” added he

“Satvik is an alpha male, well combined with the boy next door

He has excellent on-screen and off-screen equations with all his costars. Most of the guys are in my room only. Everyone is a beautiful soul.” says he

Aashay does not think that Agnisakshi rates poorly. “We got  1.3-1.4 last week; it is going well” (but this week’s number is down to 0.7)

Looking ahead, he would like to experiment with his wrong side (on-screen).” I have already played a boy next door, a go-getter with an emotional quotient, so I would creatively want to push the envelope. “