#Exclusive: Some stories work, some don’t, Karan V Grover on Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai ending.

By Anil Merani| Star Bharat show Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai, despite having a good casting like Karan V Grover and newbie Sayali Salunkhe has not lasted long; it will go off. air The show might have also suffered due to the overall low GRP of the channel.

This Fazila Alana and Sandiip Sikcand joint production went on air in early July.
Karan’s online fandom was quite happy with his work, but the general public did not warm up to the adopted mother story.

With numbers not coming, the show had already taken a five-year leap which again did not work. The maker did not choose a generation leap as a last resort.

When contacted, Karan, had this to say

“It’s all part and parcel of the profession. Some stories work some don’t. Always thankful to the creator Sandiip Sikcand, and the channel star for giving me opportunities that showcase me in a variety of shades and manners .

The other caste included Kiara Sadh as Zoon Raina Malhotra: Shireen Mirza as Kamna Pankaj Malhotra: Prerna Wanvari as Kadambari Patel: Zoon’s biological mother.

Sandiip Sikcand and Sayali have yet to respond to our messages.