Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 10 Recap: Attorney Woo and Jun Ho seal their relationship with a kiss.

A guy with a peculiar name Bang Gu Pong interacted with few children in bus who were on their way to their academy. From his talks it’s clear that his intention is not to harm the kids. Attorney Woo comes to her office and learns about Bang Gu Pong. The children kidnapped bu Bang Gu Pong were students of his own academy run by his mother.

 She gets surprised upon knowing that he just played with kids in the mountain and did no harm to them. She meets Bang Gu Pong where we get a glimpse of his friendly behaviour towards Attorney Woo. He claims himself to be the chairman of children liberty whose childhood gets ruined in the rigorous study environment. The kids actually admired Gu Pong who let them enjoy the most memorable times of their life in the mountains.

During the hearing Gu Pong’s straightforward answers result him in the detention center. His mother tries all the ways possible and apologizes to the kids parents for her son’s act. As a result they get a non punishable letter from them. We get to witness Jun Ho’s tint of jealousy with Attorney’s admiration towards Gu Pong. They both visit the kids and learns that they live life of a prisoner with 12 hours study time locked up in a room and having unhealthy food untimely.  From this its clear that its only the adults who couldn’t understand Bang Gu Pong’s ideology.

Min Woo tries to use megalomaniac disorder as a reason for his action but Attorney Woo’s whale showed her the right path. Bang Gu Pong was pleasantly surprised with Attorney Woo understanding his thoughts and cares about his ideology and not his punishment. He gives statement against himself revealing that he feels no remorse for his actions. Min woo demands Meong Suk to punish Attorney Woo for her behaviour but Meong Suk called out his hypocrisy.

Gu Pong kept a plea that he wouldn’t mind a punishment but instead wanted the kids to be present during his trial. He doesn’t want them to get the wrong idea that they were responsible for him getting punished. After lots of efforts by Attorneys the parents take their kids to court and judge gives orders against Gu Pong.

However Gu Pong is least worried about it so are the children. Everyone witness their admiration towards Gu Pong as they chant their liberation slogan. Though we couldn’t witness the sentence the case ended on a good note. Jun woo recalls Attorney Woo being so nice to him as she likes him. He shares his hesitation with Min Woo who cheers for him to go ahead and Jun Ho rushes to meet Attorney Woo. He confessed his love in the sane revolving door.

For the next case Attorney Woo defends an accused who’s charged for quad rape of a mentally challenged person. The accused claims that it’s a consensual sex and says that they both were in love. Though the others were hesitant to take up the case Attorney Woo took it as she wanted to believe that people with disabilities like her can also experience true love. There’s also a possibility that the victim would have wanted to say no to the Intercourse but couldn’t due to her physical challenge.

At a point of time, Attorney Woo learns that the guy is a fraudster who gets money from the disabled people conning them and the victim is just another one of his target. Attorney Woo wants to back off from the case but the victim pleads her to save the culprit as no matter what she truly loved him. However he’s proven guilty and gets five years imprisonment. The victim breaks down in court.

Attorney Woo starts having doubts whether she’s expecting too much in case of their love life. When Jun Ho’s friends learn about Jun Ho dating Attorney Woo, they were uncertain about it. His friend earned a punch from Jun Ho when he addressed that their love is due to sympathy. Their first kiss was surprisingly initiated by Attorney Woo who has her own doubts. Her very own teacher Jun Ho teaches her the art which ended up in a deep and long kiss.