Extraordinary Attorney Woo Written Update Episode 13: A trip to Jeju can change the dimensions for good or bad.

Young Woo’s landlord brings her father to meet her very early in the morning. Her father told about going to the mountains for a visit where he was unfairly collected fees for a temple visit which he didn’t even see. He asked the legal possibilities for him to win the case of he goes for trial. Young Woo reasons that the trial could cost him more than the fees but he still wanted to file the case. Young Woo gets astounded at the mention of Jeju Island where the temple was situated. Meong Suk visited hospital to find the reason for him blood vomiting. He then comes bank to office to find everyone ready for meeting and Young Woo joins them. She suggested for a Jeju Island trip and explained about the case brought by her landlady. She starts narrating about Dolphin but Meong Suk cuts her off and suggests to go for a trip with everyone including Jung Ho. Young Woo leaves excited to make preparations for the same.

While eating, Young Woo is continuously ranting about Dolphins when Jung Ho cut her off and reminded her that they are still in cold terms with her casually mentioning that they were not dating. CEO asks Meong Suk about their business trip over a petty case and suggested it to get done by someone else but Meong Suk insisted that he himself wanted to take it. CEO found something strange about his behaviour. Jung Ho suggested to meet her sisters and brothers in law during their trip to Jeju who lives there. Young Woo shares about Jung Jo’s anger and them visiting his family with her friends who’s extremely elated about it. Her friend lots of advise to her about how to behave while meeting Jung Ho’s family. She wanted to go for the trip too but the other one turned it down.

At airport, Young Woo is teaching Jung Ho about dolphins and Young woo asks Min Woo and Su Yeon if they wanted to join and they both turned down the offer. They got stunned Meong Suk in a casual beach attire unlike them. Young Woo’s friends also greeted them who were on their way to Jeju Island. Meong Suk invited them to John with them and they happily agreed. At plane, Meong Suk immediately regretted his decision while Jung Ho enjoyed Young Woo’s nervous actions in plane. After reaching Jeju Jung Ho gets in the luxury car which he booked while Hairy and his friend took a top open car. Meong Suk joined Hairy leaving his group and they all started to their hotel. Jung Ho was irritated seeing his car people busy with work while the people in the other car enjoying their trip singing and enjoying.

The team gets stopped by Hwangjisa ticket collector who demanded for them to get tickets for Hwangjisa temple. When they argued against it he came up with silly reasons. Su Yeon video recorded and the ticket collector caught it. Min Woo helped her and they paid him the fees followed by Meong Suk for the people in his car. On the way, Meong Suk got emotional looking at the scenery. Meong Suk got upset as he found out that the restaurant from which he wanted to have food was closed down temporarily. They moved to the next restaurant.

The scene cuts to trial, where the video recorded by Su Yeon got played in the court. Young Woo reasons that the plaintiff was unfairly collected fees despite not being the visitor. The defendent lawyer reasons that it’s legal for them to collect fees as per Cultural Heritage Preservation Law and also states that the whole surrounding belongs to Hwangjisa temple authorities. The trial gets postponed. The main monk invited Meong Suk and team for a visit to the temple and they all accept his invitation. They join the prayers and was exhausted bowing 154 times as the part of the prayer. Min Woo alone doesn’t bow as he claimed that he’s Catholic. Monk explained that it’s the prayers offered to the soul which pass away due to the accident happening due to the roads and takes them to a national treasure. They gets disappointed that they couldn’t see it and the monk reasons that there’s more to things which they cannot see.

Meong Suk found his team busy working and interrupts them. He calls them to go and enjoy outside. Meong Suk sends Su Yeon with Min Woo to buy drinks from store. On the way, Su Yeon learns that Meong Suk is the sole bread winner of his family who needs to earn lots of money to treat his parents. Meong Suk shared with them about his wife leaving him and he realized him how he disappointed her time and again even on their honeymoon trip and on special occasions. He felt bad for his actions and regretted it. Young Woo woke up in the middle of the night as the clock sound disturbed her and her friend shit it down. Young woo noticed Meong Suk in the lawn and feeling uncomfortable. She wanted to comfort him but her friend stopped her from disturbing him.

Next day, Su Yeon witnessed pretty flowers by Jung Ho but immediately threw it away knowing its from Min Woo. Min Woo found Tae Su’s news on TV and checked for Young Woo’s reaction who paid no heed to it. She excitedly got ready for clicking the Dolphins and Jung Ho watches her happily. He also told about his sister wishing to meet her for food. Young Woo and Jung Ho spent a lots of time to find Dolphins but in vain. They visited her sister and Young Woo followed all the instructions given by her friend only for it to go in drain. Jung Ho’s sister asked Jung Ho to not mention about his girlfriend to their parents as she believes it won’t lost long. Jung Ho got offended while Young Woo heard it all. During the trial, Meong Suk falls down sick.

Preview : Young Woo tries to find the chef of the restaurant which Meong Suk wanted to eat. Young Woo wants to break up with Jang Ho.