Extraordinary Attorney Woo Written Update Episode 14: You Woo breaks up with Jung Ho.

Meong Suk is revealed to have stage three cancer but still wanted to work and tries to behave normal. Attorney Woo as always spoke facts on face without paying heed about the situation. She suggested to get him the same meat noodles which he craved to have but Meong Suk asked her not to bother and focus on work. Everyone came out but Young Woo still wanted to go on with her plan. All others agreed to find the original chef to get the meat noodles which Meong Suk wished to have. Su Yeon is surprised as Min Woo didn’t back off like every time he does and mocks him for the same. They all decide to separate in groups to find the chef.

At first they visited the new restaurant whose name resembles with the Meong Suk’s favourite one. The owner there claimed that the other owner tried to copy their noodles and shut down the business after he was unsuccessful about it. Jung Ho notices a chef working there getting really bored offended with the owner’s words. Min Woo and Su Yeon met with the Chef’s neighbourhood lady who claimed that the mother and the son made the most delicious noodles but were whacked down by social media influences who promoted the current restaurant.

Jung Ho spotted the chef from earlier in the closed restaurant and enquired him about it. He revealed that it’s the old owner who taught him to cook but the current one hired him when the shop was still openy. His previous owner felt betrayed and closed down the shop. He revealed that it’s him who’s the real owner while the other one is just a copy.

He shared Jun Ho a clue where the owner could probably be. With Young Woo’s memory power she identifies that it’s Mountain water Nursing Home. They went and enquired there only to know that the owner comes there only once a month to visit his mother who has memory loss disease. Meong Suk learned about their venture and asked them to return back to work.

At trial, Young Woo cross questioned the monk but could’ve come up with a possible legal explanation from her side. Meong Suk gets visited by his ex wife who still cares for him and is worried about his condition. Young Woo barked in with her questions regarding the case while his wife was clearly not happy with it. Young Woo net with her outside who thanked Young Woo for making her yet again realize why she left him. She reasons that she was alone. Young Woo gets her father’s call and asks why did he wanted to meet Jung Ho. He told that he just wanted to know if he could keep her happy like he does. Young Woo is sure that he would but is not sure about herself.

Jung Ho and Young Woo were again at the beach where Jung Ho was disappointed that they couldn’t find Dolphins. Out of the blue, Young Woo proposed break up to Jung Ho who was clearly startled. She broke him further by not giving valid explanation for it. Jung Ho came up with all possible explanations and during the conversation Young Woo gets the legal possibility for her to win the case. This disappointed Jung Ho further as he found Young Woo acting heartless. In the trial, Young Woo manages to present her legal point from her side. After the trial she joined her friends car to avoid Jung Ho.

When asked about the reason, Young Woo revealed about their breakup. Min Woo suggested to have a drink. Hung Ho got drunk and told everything to Su Yeon and Min Woo. Min Woo believed that she felt pressurised with him taking her to meet his sister and Su Yeon agreed with him. Jung Ho still couldn’t make peace as he couldn’t find the reason. Young Woo is in karaoke where her friends were singing break up songs. Young Woo is heartbroken too. Min woo and Su Yeon have a drunk talk where they both realized that they had feelings for each. Ra eum and hairy witnessed and went back to resume their drinks.

Meong Suk advised Jung Ho yo hold on to one he love unlike him. It was revealed that the ticket booth was closed and Young Woo won the case. Meong Suk met with Abott and explained to him that it should be the government who must pay for the maintenance of cultural heritage and bot the people. He suggested to help them using various organisations. Abott understood their point and agreed to abide by. He welcomed them for a meal and they all sit down to have noodles. Meong Suk identified the noodle to resemble the one from his favourite restaurant. Young Woo cracks that the clue is not the home but the temple where they are present.

Everyone visited the kitchen and explained to him that he can file law suit against the copy cat company and resume his business. The owner was elated that he could go back to what he loved to do and made them the meat noodles. Meong Suk enjoyed it to the fullest. At the plane, Su Yeon switched places with Jung Ho to avoid uncomfortable situation for the two. CEO met with a reporter and revealed to him that Young Woo was Tae Su’s daughter and striked a deal with him to publish the article right before Tae Su takes her position. He agreed for it.