Faltu 24th November 2022 Written Update: Alok and Rujula looks after Faltu

Faltu 24th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Faltu getting worried about Ayaan after recalling Pappi’s threat. She decides to have a conversation with him and becomes restless. She suffers from high fever but Pappi’s words keeps worsening her condition. She was about to get out of her room when Alok comes there and tries to stop her. She keeps blabbering that she wants to keep Ayaan safe from Pappi and insists to talk to him. Alok tries to calm her down and assures that he will make her talk to Ayaan. He gets worried seeing her state, while she proclaims that she will get them also in danger if she stays there.

Here, Faltu states that Pappi will try to harm everyone who will help her and decides to leave from Alok’s house, but he somehow stops her. She says that he isn’t understanding her concern and then tries to dial Ayaan’s number from her phone. Whereas, Tanisha takes Ayaan inside his room to have a private conversation.

Tanisha states that she knows Ayaan since childhood as they are friends since then. She aak him to be transparent with her and questions that if he is not happy with their marriage? He replies that he is happy and assures that her worry is baseless. He ask her to believe him, while she questions that why she is feeling that he isn’t treating her like his bride-to-be.

Elsewhere, Tanisha says that she wants Ayaan’s time for herself and doesn’t want any secret in between them, while he thinks about Faltu and states that he can’t tell Tanisha about the truth as it can complicate the matter. Whereas, Ayaan gets a call from Faltu but Tanisha prohibits him from picking it up. She says that he should have a his focus up on her.

Faltu gets restless as Ayaan doesn’t pick her call and keep thinking about Pappi’s warning. Meanwhile, Ayaan makes Tanisha sit and assures to fulfill all her wishes. He also tells that they both will handle the business after their wedding while she cracks a joke about it. She then talks about their honeymoon while he ask for sometime.

Ahead, Tanisha gets frustrated with Ayaan’s behavior and mocks her while Suhaana along with her parents tries to hear Ayaan and Tanisha’s conversation. Tanisha ask Ayaan to give a promise to her that he will always priorities her, while he gets into a dilemma and recalls his promise to Charan. He thinks that he can’t give fake promise to Tanisha, while at that time Suhaana and falls inside the room along with her parents.

Ayaan gets saved from giving fake promise to Tanisha. They teases Ayaan while Tanisha replies that she sorted everything with him. Kanika also apologizes to Ayaan for doubting him. Meanwhile, Rujula talks with her mother while the latter gets emotional. She then gets a call from Alok and gets shocked finding about Faltu’s health. She makes an excuse to go from there while Sumitra gets suspicious. Rujula tells Ayaan about the matter while Sid and Sumitra couldn’t able to hear it.

Further, Rujula and Alok looks after Faltu as she gets unconscious. Pappi decides to visit Mumbai in order to find Faltu while her parents request him to stop. Ratan’s wife taunts them, while Pappi calls Sid and notify about Ayaan eloping along with Faltu. He proclaims to come there to get her back and states that he kept her in his aunt’s house. Sid gets suspicious on Rujula and Alok for helping Ayaan, while Pappi declares to ruin Ayaan’s business for going against him.

Precap:- Ayaan confronts Pappi and his goons. Whereas, the latter punches Ayaan. He gets furious and starts beating Pappi ble and black. The latter’s goons tries to stop Ayaan but gets unsuccessful. He holds Ratan’s collar and gives a deadly glare. Whereas, Pappi hits Ayaan with rod from the back.

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