Faltu 6th January 2023 Written Update: Faltu lies to Ayaan about her marriage

Faltu 6th January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Faltu moving towards the line to perform the aarti for Ayaan’s long life. Meanwhile, Ayaan and Tanisha finishes their puja and decides to leave from the temple. They were about to go when Tanisha was about to fall getting tangled in her saree, but Ayaan saves her. He helps her to walk, while at that time Faltu hears his voice and immediately turns away from him. She gets shocked thinking about Ayaan being there in the temple and decides to hide from him. She goes towards the God’s idol and waits for the line to move so that she can finish her prayers. She also becomes worried for being late in going downstairs and proclaims that her father must be getting tensed for her.


Here, Faltu finally gets the chance to perform the aarti and gives the plate to the priest. She ask him to do the puja and proclaims that she will pray for her husband thinking about him. She recalls her marriage with Ayaan and gets flashes of how he filled her hairline with Vermillion inside the temple.

Faltu remembers how Ayaan saved her from Pappi and mistakenly filled her hairline after taking rounds around the fire. She says that he will always be her husband, no matter if he knows about it or not. She also decides to hide the truth from everyone so that it won’t cause any problem to Ayaan and Tanisha’s relationship.

Elsewhere, Faltu completes her prayers and decidee to go downstairs near her father. Meanwhile, Ayaan and Tanisha goes towards their car and were about to sit when Ayaan notices Pratap. He thinks that Faltu must be near only and decides to find her. He lies to Tanisha and ask her to sit inside the car and himself goes inside the temple again in order to find Faltu.

Ayaan confronts Faltu while the latter gets shocked hearing his voice. She ask about him, to which he questions that now she can’t even recognize him? She takes his name while he replies that atleast she doesn’t deny to know him. He goes near her and questions about the matter. He then gets shocked seeing the Vermillion on her hair and ask about it being concerned.

Ahead, Ayaan shows his worry regarding Faltu and proclaims that he have seen the Vermillion on her hair before falling unconscious. He question about the matter and ask if he was the one who have putted it in her hairline? He ask that if she got married to him, while the latter immediately denies and ask him to stay in his limits. She declares that only Tanisha is his wife.

Faltu talks rudely with Ayaan and ask him to mind his own business. She proclaims that she can’t always rely on him for hier needs and so she married someone. She ask him to focus on his life from now on and let her live her life peacefully. At that time the doctor comes there and ask if everything is fine. Faltu lies to Ayaan that he is her husband, while Ayaan gets shocked. She rebukes him while he gets hurt as well as furious at her and goes away.

Further, Faltu feels bad but compromises her happiness for Tanisha and Ayaan. The doctor ask her about the truth, whole she decides to notify him about the matter and asks for his help. Meanwhile, Ayaan gets furious and reaches Kanika’s house. He notify them about the truth, while the latter gets angry at Faltu. She decides to teach her a lesson but Ayaan stops her and ask not to give importance to her. Meanwhile, Kanika ask Guruji that if Faltu will create more problems in her kids life?

Precap:- Faltu starts practicing for cricket and proclaims that Ayaan has done a lot for her. She dedicates her life to Ayaan and says that she will always consider him as her God. She decides to keep practicing and use Ayaan’s teaching to improve herself. Meanwhile, Pappi passes by her room along with his goon. She hears his whistling sound and thinks him to be Pratap. She goes to open the door while Pappi goes from there.

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