Faltu: Ayaan to get furious at Faltu!

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Star Plus’s top rated show “Faltu” has been entertaining the audiences with its exciting twists and plots. Previously, Faltu decided to hide about her marriage from everyone. She meets her father and Pratap in the hospital and told them about how she lost her eyesight. They got help from a doctor, who decided to drop them to the eye specialist.

They stopped near a temple in order to take some rest, while Faltu lied to her father and goes to visit the temple in order to perform a puja for long life of Ayaan. She goes inside the temple, while Ayaan and Tanisha also reached there as suggested by the Guruji.

In the current track, Kanika gets worried for Ayaan and Tanisha’s relationship as Guruji warns her about the complications and suggest her to keep them away from one another till 30 days. She prays for her daughter’s happiness and shows her concern towards her.

Here, Ayaan and Tanisha completes the puja while Faltu moves in the line to get near the idol in order to perform the puja. She takes help from a women and also puts Vermilion on her hairline. She recalls her marriage with Ayaan and determines to always consider him as her husband.

Faltu hears Ayaan’s voice and turns to the other side in order to avoid him. Whereas, Pratap and Charan gets worried for Faltu as she doesn’t return back. Pratap goes in search of her while Ayaan sees him and thinks that Faltu also must be there.

Ahead, Ayaan lies to Tanisha and goes in search of Faltu. She performs the puja for Ayaan and was about to go down stairs when Ayaan confronts her. He also gets shocked seeing the Vermilion on her hairline and ask about it. He questions that if he was the one who filled her hairline, to which she denies and ask him to concentrate on his married life with Tanisha.

Faltu talks to Ayaan rudely and ask him not to interfere in her life anymore. She says that she always can’t take his help and ask him to go away. At that time the doctor comes there and Faltu lies to Ayaan about him being her husband. Ayaan gets hurt and leaves from there being furious at Faltu.

Later, the doctor ask Faltu about the matter while she decides to tell him the whole truth. Meanwhile, Ayaan tells the matter to Kanika and Tanisha. The latter decides to take revenge from Faltu but Ayaan stops her and says that he doesn’t want to have any connection with Faltu anymore.

Now in the upcoming episode, Faltu will start practicing for cricket and proclaims that Ayaan has done a lot for her. She will dedicate her life to Ayaan and says that she will always consider him as her God. She will decide to keep practicing and use Ayaan’s teaching to improve herself. Meanwhile, Pappi will pass by her room along with his goon. She will hear his whistling sound and thinks him to be Pratap. She will go to open the door while Pappi will pass from there.

Will Pappi be able to see Faltu?

Will Ayaan learn about the truth?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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