Faltu: Tanisha to give a heartfelt speech for Ayaan!

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Star Plus newly launched serial “Faltu” starring Niharika Chouksey and Aakash Ahuja as the main lead is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story. Previously, Ayaan and Faltu escaped from Ittarpur while Pappi tried to stop them but got unsuccessful.

Ratan instigated the villagers against Charan but the latter took a stand for his daughter and lied that he don’t know anything about her whereabouts. Meanwhile, Janardan made a shocking statement while Sid and Sumitra celebrated their victory.

In the current track, Faltu learns about Ayaan’s engagement and gets shocked. She ask him to go to his ceremony but he denies and proclaims that she is his priority. She some how convinces him and sends him away, while herself gets inside the cab to go to the hotel.

Here, the cab driver decides to snatch Faltu’s money and informs his gang members about her. She gets suspicious about them and runs away as their tries to loot her.

Faltu hides inside the jungle and tries to switch on her phone in order to contact Ayaan for help. Whereas, Charan tells Jamana about Faltu but she starts getting worried for her and shares her concern with Charan.

Ahead, Charan assures Jamana that Ayaan will look after Faltu. Meanwhile, Janardan was about to announce his decision when Ayaan reaches there. Janardan gets elated and announces Ayaan to be the next heir of his business. Whereas, Sid gets furious.

Mittals confronts Ayaan while he lies that he was helping someone in the village. Janardan shows his proudness towards Ayaan while he tries to contact Faltu but his mother took away the phone and makes him ready for the engagement.

Later, Ayaan and Tanisha gets engagement and gives a heartfelt speech. Whereas, Faltu calls Ayaan and tells another problem, he gets shocked and rushes to save her. Sid geta suspicious and follows him. He learns that Ayaan is trying to find a girl and decides to use the opportunity against him.

Now in the upcoming episode, Janardan will tell Kanika that Ayaan is a responsible guy. He will show his trust upon the latter, while Sid will declare that he knows about Ayaan’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Ayaan will confront Faltu and declares that he is only concerned about her at that time. He will proclaim that she is the most important concern in his life, even more then his engagement. Whereas, Sid will tell Mittals that Ayaan is with a girl and is trying to search for her. He will say that don’t know when he will find her and come back to the house. At that time Ayaan will come there with Faltu and says that he found the girl, while everyone will look at him being shocked.

Will Janardan support Ayaan?

Will Sid gets successful in his ploy?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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