Family members gets worried with Deepa’a health condition: Karthika Deepam

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Maa TV popular show Karthika Deepam serial is witnessing some major turning points these days in their story.

As reported earlier Deepa warns Mounitha to behave like a guest. Mounitha apologies to Deepa and goes aside and thinks how to implement her plan. Karthik asks Mounitha to give tablets to Deepa in half an hour, which makes her happy. Anandrao asks Bharathi about Deepa health condition. Bharathi hides truth from him because of his health condition. Poojari asks Soundarya and AnandRao to make sure Karthik and Deepa participate in Kalyanam so their problems can be cured. Soundarya takes Deepa to Karthik than she asks them to sit in Kalyanam as couple to perform Sitha Rama Kalyanam. Karthik tries to divert topic which makes Deepa angry and she is about to go to cooking place but he stops her and both gets into heated argument about Mounitha. Aditya and Shravya asks Karthik and Deepa to wear Pattu clothes. Karthik asks Shravya to get Deepa ready saying Muhurta is nearing for Kalyanam and he goes to get ready. Soundarya and Deepa feels puzzled.

In the upcoming episode viewers will witness that according to her plan Mounitha will mixes some tablet with Deepa medicine to deteriorate her health. Sourya gives medicines to  Karthik  and he makes Deepa have it. Mounitha feels happy. Poojari start the Kalyanam. Deepa losts her conscious and fell on Karthik’s shoulder and everyone gets worried for her.

Can Deepa escape from Mounitha wicked plan? Can Deepa found about her health condition?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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