Fan losing interest in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai due to script flaws post Shehzada Dhami and Pratiksha Honmukhe’s exit

By Anil Merani: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fans are a miffed lot after Shehzada Dhami and Pratiksha Honmukhe’s exit. They are very upset with the current story. Social media is full of criticism. Sadly, the makers are not taking cognizance. If this does not happen, things might take a nasty turn.

We have pointed out the following fault in the storyline as per fandom.

1) The transformation in Armaan (Rohit Purohit) and Ruhi’s (Garvita Sadhwani) characters is stark, especially after the departure of Shehzada and Pratiksha. It’s as if the characters were not just replaced, but also fundamentally altered. Fans have noticed a distinct shift in Armaan’s demeanour, missing the initial softness and warmth. While they appreciate Rohit’s portrayal (which they find superior to Shehzada’s), they are less enamoured with the new Armaan.

2) Abhira and Armaan have zero chemistry. The age gap is visible. Abhira and Armaan hardly have scenes together. While the first three generations became hits just because of chemistry, here, the makers are not making efforts to create chemistry.

3) Ruhi’s (Garvita  Sidhwani) character is somewhat a dark character. She is just a selfish girl, that’s it. She has often asked Armaan if he is happy with the decision to marry her (so fans can’t blame her for forcing him to marry her). Also, she was only ready to marry him if her grandfather gives his nod. Abhira and Armaans bond was chaotic where Abhira would create new drama and inivite new trouble for Armaans family everyday… But Ruhi and Armaan bond is more mature, where Ruhi understands Armaan and fits in his family perfectly. Because of this, fans are confused whether to root for Armaan Abhira or Armaan Ruhi…

The makers adapted the story of Ghum but failed to create a strong negative character. Ruhi is nowhere like Ghum’s Pakhi (Aishwarya Sharma) didi.

4) Fans are strange. Agar complete negative character hota pakhi jaisa tabhi b they wouldn’t have liked her and ab thoda positive character hai tabhi b they don’t like her)

 With the exit of Shehzada, Fans feel loss of connection with the show. New Armaan is completely different from the Armaan played but Shehzada. So fans can’t stop themselves from thinking how the story would have been different if Shehzada continued as Armaan

5) The extreme toxicity of the show leaves only few characters likeable. Fans need someone to root for.

6) Samriddhi has Abhira is great acting wise but character wise, her character has become mahaan and abla naari now. When the show started, fans had high hopes from her character (She was shown battameez girl who sets everyone straight with her replies) but now she has become another “Doormat”. Fans can’t help but remember her mother, Abhira, who moved on from Abhimanyu and found her happiness in Abhinav. Fans say why can’t Abhira just move on from Armaan? Why does she keep returning to them when the Poddars disrespect her every day…

Ps: Since this article is based on fan lingo, we have kept in Hinglish to retain the emotions