Fana Ishq Mein Marjawan: Agastya to receive Pakhi’s adieu letter?

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Colors’ popular show Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan is gearing up more drama with Pakhi misunderstanding Agastya and leaving him.

Previously it was seen that Agastya assured Pakhi that the culprit would be caught soon as his private investigator Anand caught the goon who attacked Shanaya and took him to police. Pakhi recalled what she saw in the hospital. Agastya asked Pakhi what she wanted to say to him.

Pakhi stayed silent. So Agastya decided to wait till evening. Agastya happily left thinking that Pakhi will return home evening. Meanwhile Dadi prayed to God for Agastya and Pakhi’s union. The Goddess chunri catched fire. Dadi got worried sensing the bad omen.

Pakhi hallucinated that Agastya wanted to caged her after learning about her pregnancy so that she didn’t leave him. Other side Dadi asked Agastya if he clarified everything with Pakhi. Agastya said yes and added that there’s no any misunderstanding between them. Agastya waited for Pakhi’s arrival while Pakhi planned to leave him.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Pakhi will get ready to leave his family to go away from Agastya in order to protect her child. She will make sweet and serve her family before leaving. She will pretend to receive a message from Agastya and he will be waiting outside for her. She will take their leave. She will get emotional and cry before walking out.

Other Agastya will be eagerly waiting for Pakhi. He will get worried when Pakhi will not return and her number will be switched off. He will call Shanaya and will ask about Pakhi. Shanaya will say that Pakhi left long back which will shock Agastya.

Just then Agastya will receive Pakhi’s letter in which Pakhi will say that she’s leaving Agastya as he broke her trust by attacking Shanaya and pretending to save her. Agastya will get heartbroken on reading the letter. He will shis to find Pakhi. Meanwhile Pakhi will reach airport.

What will happen next? Can Agastya stop Pakhi?

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