Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th July 2022 Written Update: Agastya misses Tara

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Agastya looking around feeling Pakhi’s presence. Pakhi hides herself. He wonders he feels like Pakhi is near him. He leaves. Sameer thanks the lady who pretended to be Pakhi to Agastya for helping them. The lady leaves. Pakhi shows the sleeping Tara to Sameer. The latter sits near Tara and caresses her head getting emotional.

Sameer says to Pakhi to let go home. He adds that he told Prema and Shanaya about her and they got mad out of happiness. They want to come here, but he stopped them saying he will bring her home. Pakhi asks Agastya won’t get know about her. Sameer is unable to answer.

Agastya returns home. Dadi asks Agastya why he is reaching home late. Agastya says that he went to drop off Tara at the hotel, but her mom wasn’t there. Dadi asks Agastya why he looks tensed. Agastya says that he is feeling a strange connection with Tara and wonders if he will meet her again. He says that Tara reminds him Pakhi. Meanwhile Pakhi introduces Sameer and Prema to Tara as her grandparents and Shanaya as her aunt. Tara asks if they’re really her grandparents and aunt as she told her that they live very far and they can’t go there.

Sameer says that they were very far, but the fate united them. Pakhi apologizes to Prema for going far from all and letting them suffers. Prema says that she always hoped that her daughter will return. Prema hugs Pakhi. Tara says that they should be happy on meeting grandparents and aunt instead of crying. Pakhi says that she’s very happy and cries out of happiness.

Tara suggests celebrating eating cake. She says that she will feed them first the cake as it’s her mom’s birthday cake. She feeds cake to Sameer, Prema and Shanaya. Pakhi asks Tara who gave her the cake. Tara says that Einstein uncle gave shocking Pakhi. She adds that he told that today is someone’s special birthday. She also told that today is her mom’s birthday. He cut the cake along with her. She feeds the cake to Pakhi.

The latter asks Tara if she told him her name and asks if he harmed her. Tara denies and says that he is a good uncle and they become good friends. She didn’t tell him her name as he didn’t ask. Sameer hugs Tara to divert her and says to Pakhi that he told her that Agastya didn’t get to know about her.

Just then Ishan comes back home and is stunned to see Pakhi. He recalls A FB. Sameer forget to disconnect the call after talking to Ishan. Ishan hears Sameer asking doctor about Pakhi. He gets happy and says that he was right that key chain is Pakhi’s key chain and she is here. He joins his picture with Pakhi’s and says that it’s time for them to unite for lifelong. FB ends. Ishan asks Pakhi if she’s fine. Pakhi says that she’s fine and thanks him for looking after her family in her absence. Pakhi says that she wants to meet him to a special person.

She brings Tara and introduces Tara as her daughter. Ishan understands that Tara is Pakhi and Agastya’s daughter. Pakhi introduces Ishan to Tara. Ishan gets on his knee to hug Tara, but she hides behind Pakhi getting scared. Pakhi apologizes to Ishan. He says it’s fine, but he is irked.

At Agastya’s house, the latter dreams of playing with Tara. He talks to Pakhi’s picture and wonders why he is missing Tara already. He says that Tara is very smart and wonders if she gets good education in Shimla. He says that she should be here with them. He decides to talk to Tara’s mother.

Agastya is surprised with Payal’s father Mr Kanna’s sudden visit. He brings Payal and Agastya’s marriage proposal and talks about it to Agastya. Agastya rejects the proposal stating he never saw Payal in that way. At Pakhi’s house, Tara refuses to return to Shimala and gets admant to stay with her grandparents.

Pakhi says that she’s leaving alone if Tara isn’t coming. She does emotional blackmail. Tara agrees to go with Pakhi. The latter promises Tara to come here in the next vacation. Shanaya takes Tara to the room to help her with packing. Sameer says to Pakhi that he can understand why she doesn’t stay here.

He asks her to be in touch with them. He assures to find away so that she can return here permanently. Ishan comes and apologizes for overhearing their talk. He suggests helping Pakhi and his family communicate and asks Pakhi her address in Shimla. Pakhi refuses to give stating she doesn’t want take any risk. She promises to be in touch with all. Ishan promises to himself to not let Pakhi go away from him easily.

The episode ends.

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