Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th August 2022 Written Update: Meera reveals that she planted a bomb on Tara

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Agastya saying to Pakhi that someone is helping Meera in her plan. Pakhi says that the imposter helped Meera. Agastya says that someone else is inviolate as he saw Meera talking over the phone to someone. He decides to let the police find the truth. Pakhi starts to cry. Agastya comforts her. He says that they will live together as a family once everything will be fine. In the morning Pakhi and Agastya tell their family about Pakhi and Tara moving to Singapore till Meera gets arrested. Tara refuses to go.

Agastya convinces Tara. The latter goes to pack her bag. Just then Meera arrives there with her men. Her men beat the security guards. Meera mocks Agastya. Agastya calls the commissioner to get Meera arrested. Meera takes out a remote control. Just then Tara comes running saying that the red light is blinking in her hand. Meera reveals that she planted a bomb in Tara’s body. All get shocked to hear this. Meera threatened to explode the bomb if Agastya calls the police.

Prema and Mona curse Meera. Pakhi tries to snatch the remote from Meera’s hand, but in vain. Meera asks Pakhi and Agastya to follow her order if they want to save Tara. Pakhi asks what she wants. Meera says that finally, someone asked this question. She asks Pakhi and Agastya to come along with her.

Meera brings Pakhi and Agastya to a place where the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration’s preparation is going on. Meera says that this celebration is organized by Subut Thakur. Agastya is surprised to hear this name and repeats it. Meera confirms that she’s talking about Subut Thakur who is Agastya’s mentor and also a well-known name in the technology. Meera says to Pakhi and Agastya to kill Subut. She says that Agastya should take Subut’s murder blame and should give his interference in his invention as a murder motive. Agastya refuses to kill Subut and asks Meera why he wants his death.

Meera says him to not ask unnecessary questions. Pakhi firmly refuses. Meera asks Pakhi to choose between Tara and Subut. She gives them three days to decide. She says them to not act smartly as her men are keeping an eye on them. Meera leaves. Pakhi and Agastya get into a dilemma.

Tara wants to see her dad. Just then Agastya arrives there. Tara hugs him and asks if she will be saved. Agastya laughs. He says that if her parents disobey them, Tara has to die. The family realizes that he is Agastya’s lookalike and alerts Tara. Agastya’s lookalike catch Tara. Yug hits the goon. Agastya’s lookalike punches Yug. Just then Meera arrives there. Agastya’s lookalike asks Meera to handle her son who is acting smart. Meera slaps Yug.

Tara demands to see her parents. She bites Meera’s hand and runs away. Meera asks her men to catch Tara. Mona asks how she can be so rude to a child. Meera slaps Mona. Shanya says that Pakhi and Agastya will find a way. Meera slaps Shanaya too. Elsewhere Pakhi asks Agastya if they can’t do anything to remove the bomb from Tara. Agastya says that it can be risky as it can activate the bomb. He says that even he doesn’t know about its technology, so they have to think well before doing anything.

Meera is about to slap Tara. Pakhi holds her hand and warns her to not dare touch her daughter. Meera warns Pakhi to not try to mess up. Agastya holds Agastya’s lookalike hand when he is about to touch Pakhi. Agastya slaps Agastya’s lookalike. Meera threatens to explode the bomb. Pakhi says to Meera to press the button as she’s going to die along with them. Agastya says to Meera that they will obey her, but she needs to treat his family with respect and they don’t want her men to watch them all time. Meera asks all to leave. She says to Agastya that everything will go smoothly till he obeys her and warns her to explode the bomb if he tries to act smart.

The episode ends.

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