Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th August 2022 Written Update: Aagastya tries to deactivate the bomb

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts Vicky, Agastya’s doppelganger, asking Meera why she listened to Agastya. Meera says that they should make Agastya and Pakhi to believe that Tara and their family will be safe if they obey to them. Pakhi assures a scared Tara by saying that she will not let anything happen to her as long as she’s with her. Agastya jokes in order to divert Dhara. Agastya gets a call. Pakhi asks Tara to play with Teddy. Pakhi and Agastya have a plan and for that Agastya should go to office to get a device from there. He wonders how to go out when there’s a tight security. Pakhi says that she will handle it.

Meera scolds Vicky for drinking alcohol and having fun. She asks him to focus on his work of watching closely Pakhi and Agastya. Mona and Naveli discuss loudly about a wine that Agastya brought from France and pretends to hide it from Vicky. As they wanted Vicky heard their talk and takes the wine from its hiding. He finishes the wine bottle. Mona, Naveli, Agastya and Pakhi see this hiding. Agastya pretends to be Vicky. He fools Meera’s men and goes out.

Meera gets the call of the man to know if Pakhi and Agastya agreed to their demand. Meera says that they don’t have any other option than agree. He asks if he should call her to get update of their plan. Meera says that she will call him to give him update. Meera comes to Pakhi’s room to check. Pakhi opens the door. Meera finds Agastya sleeping on the bed next to Tara. A FB shows Agastya getting inside the room from the secret room before Pakhi opening the door.

Meera finds Vicky unconscious and sees an empty wine bottle near him. She wakes him up and asks from where he got the wine. Vicky says that Mona was hiding it from him. Meanwhile Agastya uses a device to track the chip on Tara’s body and tries to deactivate it. Here Meera understands that Pakhi and Agastya are planning something and wonders what it’s. There Agastya, Pakhi and Tara get elated when the light stops blinking. Meera comes there laughing. She says that Agastya’s oversmartness reduced the blasting time. She says that now the bomb will blast in 62 hours. She says of showing a magic and reduces the time to 12 hours. Pakhi begs Meera to spare Tara. Meera says that it’s just a lesson for them. She asks to not try to deactivate the bomb and focus on the work that she gave them She fixes the timing again to 72 hours. She asks Vicky to look

The next day morning the family does puja on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Pakhi, Agastya and Tara do God’s aarti. Pakhi prays to God to show them a way to save Tara. Meera comes there and asks all to leave except Tara, Pakhi and Agastya. She says that Tara will stay hereafter with her as a punishment for what they did last night. Tara refuses. Agastya and Pakhi assure Tara that everything will be fine soon and leaves. Meera asks Vicky to watch on Tara. Agastya tells Pakhi that he can’t his mentor, who look after him and taught him everything. Pakhi assures him that they will save Tara without hurting anyone. Agastya gets determined to punish Meera for making Tara suffer.

The episode ends.

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