Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th May 2022 Written Update: Agastya saves Pakhi

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the minister trying to force himself on Pakhi. Pakhi kicks the minister and warns him to not come closer to her. Suddenly lights go off. A masked man attacks the minister. He takes out a knife and cuts the rope around Pakhi’s wrist. Pakhi asks who he’s. He doesn’t answer her. The minister tries to attack the masked man with a vase, but the masked man hits him. He takes Pakhi from there.

Shanaya gets a stick and tries to hit Meera. The latter holds the stick and snatches it from her hand. Shanaya scolds Meera holds her neck. Meera pushes Shanaya down and raise the stick to hit her, but Yug holds her hand shocking all. Meera threatens Shanaya to harm her parents. Dadi says to Meera forgive Shanaya and to not harm her parents. Meera says to Yug that no one is more important than herself for her and warns him to make his condition like others if he disobeys her. She says to Yug to only focus on keeping an eye on Agastya. Meera then warns Shanaya to stay away from her.

Pakhi asks the masked man who he’s. The masked man holds Pakhi’s hand and looks at the ring in her finger. He locks her up in a room and leaves. The minister gains consciousness and says that he won’t sapre Pakhi. The latter wonders that the masked man’s eyes are very familiar and wonders why he locked her up if he wants to save her. The masked man comes to the minister. The latter gets scared and asks what he wants. He says that he will give him money and begs him to leave him. There Pakhi tries to open the door, but in vain. The masked man beats the minister.

Meera comes to Yug and asks why he didn’t check the CCTV footage. Meera checks it by herself. She asks what happened to him. She says to him to inform her if Agastya gains his consciousness, they have to makes him unconscious again. She leaves.

Yug remembers Pakhi’s words about Meera using him. Pakhi opens the door and it gets opened. Pakhi comes out and wonders who was that masked man, who saved her. Two passerby recognize Pakhi as Raichand’s family daughter-in-law. Pakhi sees crowd gathered in a place and goes to check. She finds the minister tied up to a tree and wearing a garland made with shoes. She sees a box full tomatoes placed there.

Pakhi hits the minister with the tomatoes. people see that Pakhi’s blouse is torn up and understands that the minister tried to abuse her. They all start to hit the minister with tomatoes. The masked man is watching Pakhi. A shall falls over Pakhi covering her shoulders. Pakhi looks up surprised. She leaves in a autoricshaw. The masked man removes his mask and it’s revealed that he is Agastya.

Agastya comes to the park. He sees a mother and a kid playing swing. He cries remembering Pakhi. He says that he forgot what love is due to Meera, but God send Pakhi in his life and made him realize the true meaning of love. He regrets of doing wrong with Pakhi and all. He says that he wants to become the old Agastya who knows only to give love.

He says that Meera thinks that he is in coma, but she doesn’t he is going to destroy her. He says that the day in the fire he saw that it was Meera behind Pakhi’s mask and he got his memory back. Agastya remembers Meera trying to burn him in the childhood. Agastya vows to teach Meera a lesson and protects Pakhi.

The episode ends.

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