Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd February 2022 Written Update: Pakhi and Ishan’s growing bonding

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Agastya proposing Pakhi in his dream. He decides to propose Pakhi in real. Other side Pakhi is looking for a cab. She prays to Universe to help her. Just than Taniya who is going by that side in her car and stops on seeing Pakhi and picks her up. Taniya asks Pakhi if she met Agastya. Pakhi nods yes and says that Agastya can’t stay angry at her for longtime. Pakhi is surprised of thinking about Ishan again. She says that maybe he likes him, so she keeps thinking about him. She says that Agastya uses to say that one should not give up on things he/she likes. She searches on the internet about Ishan and finds out that he works in Trinity hospital. Pakhi asks the driver to go to the Trinity hospital and says to Taniya that she will come to the office after doing her wound’s dressing. Taniya asks if she will go to the hospital for a small wound. Pakhi says that one shouldn’t take any wound lightly.

Pakhi reaches the hospital. She is in call with Agastya and assures him that she reached the hospital and will call him later. Ishan comes to Pakhi and asks what she’s doing here. Pakhi says that she has come for her wound dressing and also to confirm if he’s really a doctor. Ishan asks how she knows that he works here. Ishan realises that Pakhi stalking him and gets elated. He takes her to do her wound’s dressing.

Ishan does Pakhi’s wound dressing. Ishan suggests having a coffee and Pakhi agrees. Pakhi gets Agastya’s call, but she disconnects it. Agastya’s car waits in the signal. Agastya notices a boy and his mother. The boys comes on the middle of the road playing with the ball. The mother sees a car coming fast towards her kid and rushes to save him. Agastya sees that the car is going to hit both the mother and her child. He runs towards them and saves them. In this process he gets hurt in his hand. The mother thanks Agastya and asks why he put his life in danger for them. He says that because she risked her life to save her child.

Agastya calls Dadi and says that some mother risks their life to save their children and asks why all mothers aren’t like this. Dadi reminds Agastya that doctor told him to think about something else when this thought comes to his mind. Agastya cries and asks why humans needs a mother even after they grew up. He composes himself and says that he will call her later as he is going to the Trinity hospital now for some important work.

Pakhi and Ishan are at a café having coffee. The hoodie man watches them. Pakhi receives Agastya’s call. She rejects it again. Ishan says that she can receive the call. Pakhi says that their talk will be long, so she will talk to him later. Ishan asks if he’s an old friend. Pakhi says that they have been friends since seven years. Ishan tries to ask if there’s any romantic angle in their friendship. Pakhi understands this and says no and adds that they’re only best friends. Ishan says that he’s break time is over. Pakhi and Ishan hesitate to ask when to meet next. Pakhi asks it and they smile. Pakhi and Ishan come out of the cafe. The hoodie man accelerates his bike towards Pakhi. A woman comes in between. The hoodie man stops the bike. Pakhi gets sacred.

Agastya is in the Trinity hospital. He dresses up like a clown and makes the kids laugh. Ishan sees this and asks the nurse who called the joker. The nurse says that he is the person who funded this ward which surprises Ishan. He says that he never saw these kids so happy. He asks what his name. The nurse says that she doesn’t know. Ishan receives Pakhi’s call. Agastya snatches the phone. He runs here and there. Ishan requests Agastya to return his
phone. Agastya returns it to him. Later the doctor thanks Agastya for making the kids laugh hard. Agastya says that he wishes to often spend time with the kids. The doctor agrees.

Taniya comes back home talking over phone with Pakhi. She gets shocked on seeing hoodie man in her house and disconnects the call. The hoodie man asks Taniya why she left Pakhi alone in the old mansion and threatens to harm her handicapped mother. Taniya apologizes and says that she won’t repeat it. She begs him to leave her mother.

The next morning Dadi tells Agastya that his secretary, Natacha is waiting for him outside and asks if anything urgent. Agastya says that he is going to fulfill her wish. Dadi says that he is going to propose Pakhi and gets happy. Agastya says it’s not a proposal as he is sure that Pakhi’s answer will be yes. He asks Dadi if he’s not having any fake hope and asks if Pakhi will say yes. Dadi assures him that Pakhi will say yes.

Natacha comes in and looks at Agastya, who is about to remove his shirt. Agastya realises her presence. He scolds her and sends her out. Agastya phones Pakhi and asks him to meet her evening. She asks why to which he says that he wants to talk about official matter. Pakhi agrees to meet him. Pakhi and Taniya are in the coffee shop. Pakhi asks Taniya to get a cheque from their client. Tanya asks Pakhi to come along to which Pakhi says that she has to go to meet Agastya. Taniya sees someone and gets scared. Taniya says to Pakhi that she will go tomorrow as she doesn’t want to leave her alone after the mansion incident. Pakhi assures her that she is fine and sends her. Someone comes to Pakhi. The latter gets shocked on seeing that person.

The episode ends.

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