Fanaa- Ishq Mein Marjawan ff| Freeze Frame| Chapter: 6

Scene begins with Pakhi’s decision make Agastya feels guilty. Later Agastya’s family doctor comes there and talks with the doctor whom testes grandma. He learnt about her health condition and discuss with Agastya about it. He shares to them that it’s better to shift Dadi to their home for her health recovery. He adds that house atmosphere may help her to get her memories back. Agastya nods to him. After two days Dadi shifts to her home. Agastya gets surprise to see Pakhi there with arathi. She says to him that she is back from hospital so she wanna take arathi to her. Dadi blesses her mentioning her as daughter in law giving pain to Agastya. Few days passed Dadi getting better day by day due to Pakhi and Agastya’s care on her.

Pakhi gets a phone call from Ishaan she leaves to attend it signaling to Agastya. Ishaan complaints to Pakhi that she didn’t talk with him well in these days. Why did she avoiding him? Pakhi explains to him that she was in Agastya’s home to take care of Dadi reasoning her health is not in good condition. She only has counted days in her life. Ishaan says to her Agastya is there to take care of her why did she doing such help to her? He can arrange home nurse to do this duty to her. Pakhi gets angry on him for talking like this. She informs to him that she is really considering her like her own dadi he does not know how much she mean to her. Ishaan apologize to her for hurting her. She complaints to him that Agastya whom standing for her all hard time now he is in this state she might help. She lashes out at him and disconnect the call. Agastya gets call from Ishaan. He complaints to him that he don’t like the way Pakhi staying with him in his house. He asks him to send her back to her home. Agastya shares to him that Pakhi’s family went to attend relatives marriage. They will be back after one month that’s why she is staying here. Ishaan cuts the call in frustration.

In evening Pakhi and Agastya are getting ready to go to temple along with Dadi. After few minutes they reached to temple. Dadi prays to god to give happiness to her grand son. She noticed Pakhi talking with Agastya happily there. She calls them there to give prasad to them just then she noticed something strange there. She asks to Pakhi where is her nuptial chain? Why don’t she wear it at least visiting temple? Both Agastya and Pakhi gets shocked to hear it. They are trying to manage the situation there. Dadi takes the nuptial chain from Goddess statue and demand Agastya to tie it on her neck. Agastya back off from there deny it. Even Pakhi trying to manage the situation but Dadi is adamant in her decision. She feel dizzy there Pakhi noticed it. She holds her on time Dadi demands Agastya to make yet wear it. Pakhi shouts on him to make her wear it. Agastya shocked to see it. Agastya ties the knot with her in temple. Temple bell rings on that time. Dadi asks him to fill her hairline with vermilion. He do it without option.

Screen froze

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