Fanaa- Ishq Mein Marjawan ff| Freeze Frame| Chapter:2

Scene begins in Pakhi keeps complaining about her lover to Agastya. She tells him it would have better she married to Agastya then him. Because he will be there for her always unlike her stupid lover. Her words trigger Agastya’s hidden on her. This one word is enough to made his day but he next statement bring him back to earth. She nods negatively and says that she wanna see him as her friend only because she won’t miss a gem like Agastya in her life. She needs him to share her happiness and sorrow with him. She can be more comfortable with him then her stupid lover. She leans on his shoulder and tells her its better to being a friend of him. Agastya smiles to her and assures to her he will be there for her always nothing to worry. He says that she can lean on his shoulder when ever she feels down. Pakhi smiles to him and says that she is lucky to get him in her life. He nods negatively and tells her he is lucky to get this dramatic bestie She rolls her eyes at him. Her phone rings. She gets angry to see Ishaan’s number in her phone. She about to switched it off but Agastya stops her. She is trying to snatch phone from him but he signals her to talk with him. Pakhi denies it but he pretends like glaring her she moves to attend the call. Agastya thinks that she is still a kid.

Agastya attend his assistant call. He informs to him that major share holders are waiting for him but he rushed out after Pakhi’s call. It’s very important to sign in the agreement. Agastya asks him to stop taking class to him. Nothing is important to him then Pakhi. He asks him Is Ishaan alright? Why did he didn’t come to meet Pakhi today? He don’t like the way he is treating Pakhi. His assistant informs to him that Ishaan was busy in attending his meeting with client. He gets angry to hear it. If he has assignments what’s the need to give fake promise to Pakhi idiot. Sir as he said we conveyed his message to Ishaan. He is talking with Pakhi now. Agastya tells him, he can witness it by saying he cuts the call. Pakhi comes near him smiling. She shares to him that Ishaan apologized to her for not able to meet her today reasoned he was attending one meeting with his client. She supports him there and forgive him. Agastya tells him that he said this to her before but she was busy in complaining about him but she was supporting Ishaan when he talked with her. Interesting he commented! She touched her ears and apologies to him. Agastya ruffles her hair and says that he don’t mind. He tells her he left in middle so he wanna leave now! She asks him to leave. He asks her how did she came here?

She says that she will take auto nothing to worry. He stops her and offers lift to her but she really don’t wanna disturb him. She shares one idea to him that she will accompany him to his office and go out together. Agastya nods to her. They reached to his company everyone greeted him and Pakhi too. She shares to him that she feels like she is the CEO of this company seeing them respecting her. He tells her its her company too. She can come here whenever she wants? No one dared to stop her here. He makes her sit in his cabin and rushes out to attend the meeting. Pakhi playing with his rolling chair and admires his photo there. She says that he is roaming freely because he don’t have any girlfriend. It’s better to find a girl friend for him. Let’s find someone from his company. She comes out of his cabin and looks around the staffs there. Someone gives juice to her. He informs to her that sir asked her to treat her well. She smiles seeing Agastya whom busy in his meeting.

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