Fanaa- Ishq Mein Marjawan ff| Freeze Frame| Chapter:3

Scene begins in Agastya’s cabin. Pakhi is looking around his cabin and thinks he is much better then her in cleaning. Priya comes there and knocks on the door. Pakhi gives permission to her to get inside. Priya gets surprised to see Pakhi there and asks her where is boss? She informs to her that he is attending the meeting. Priya excuses her and leaves. She shares this matter to her friends whom working there. She enquires to her who is that girl sitting in boss cabin? Her friend tells her she is new here that’s why she didn’t know about Pakhi madam. She tells her Pakhi is Agastya’s close friend he will do anything for her. Priya learns from them how much Pakhi is close to him and Agastya treating her well there. Priya tells them that she don’t think that she is not only his friend. It seems boss loving her. They shares to her even they have that doubt in beginning but Agastya whom helping Pakhi to unite with her love Ishaan. So our judgement is wrong here. Priya says that its hard to believe boss has no feelings on her. She shares one secret with them.

Meanwhile Dadi calls to Agastya call connected to his cabin. Pakhi attends the call she gets surprise to hear her voice. Both talks with each other sometimes. Dadi invites Pakhi to her house to take Dinner along with her. Pakhi tells her that she has one important online class on that time but she agreed to attend the dinner for her. Just then Agastya comes there and tells her let’s go to take lunch? She informs to him that she wanna take lunch in his home Dadi already invited her to take dinner in his home. Agastya tells her its his pleasure to take her to his home. Later they visited Agastya’s house. Pakhi hugs Dadi and spending time with her. Agastya feels happy to see their bond because he only loves these two people in his life. Agastya reminds his dark past how did he meet Pakhi for the first time.

It happened 16 years before. Agastya belongs to a rich family but he don’t have mother. His father is an spoiled brat he never give heed to his mom feelings and pain. Because of his carelessness Agastya’s mom died after she gave birth to him. His grandfather transferred all the property on Agastya’s name as a punishment to his dad. He can able to take over those properties after he turned out 10. His father married to his ex. Lover and bring her as step mom to Agastya. She is a cunning person whom pretends like caring for Agastya in front of everyone and torture him in alone. She planned to kill him many times but he escaped from it all due to god grace. Once she tried to burn him alive to take over the properties but her plan got spoiled by a little girl. She is none other then our Pakhi. When fire caught on him Pakhi whom pushed him into swimming pool. She starts crying after that hearing her voice her parents rushed to there and save Agastya. On that day she turned to be an angel in his life.

Agastya send his step mom to jail using Pakhi’s parents help. After that his father tried to kill Agastya by feeding poisoned sweets to him but Pakhi whom saved him on that time too. It’s an accident she mistakenly collied with him sweets falls down his pet dog eat it and died on the spot revealing his father’s cunning plan to all. His grandfather and his dad get into an fight over this issue. Both shot each other and bring unpleasant death. Agastya lost his grandfather whom loved him genuinely on that day and also his abusive father too. Whatever happened in front of his eyes brings an shock to him. Pakhi’s friendship brings him out of that trauma. He has no idea when did his friendship turned to be an love on her

Screen froze.

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