Fanaa- Ishq Mein Marjawan ff| Freeze Frame | Chapter:9

The episode starts with Agastya informs to Pakhi that her Ishaan will meet her here in few minutes. He asks her to enjoy and leaves from there. She feels something strange inside her when he left from there. She sits in beach and recollects all her good moments with Agastya. Ishaan comes there and waves at her. Pakhi seems interested with his arrive for the first time. Something changed her. Ishaan too says it to her she immediately hide her nuptial chain with sarie. Ishaan asks her why is she wearing this sarie? She looks good in modern dress. She reminds the way Agastya praises her looking good in sarie and smiles unknown. She says to him that she is comfortable in it. Doesn’t he used to don’t complaint about her dress what happened today? Ishaan says that she never wore dress which makes him feel awkward. She asks him Is sarie looks awkward to her? She complaints to him after marriage all in laws preferse to see their DIL in sarie. Ishaan says she is not married yet why would she worry about it now? She gets a strong realization that she is married.

She manages the situation there and tells him she just informed the mind set of parents.Pakhi and him to buy Ice cream for her to change the conversation. Ishaan goes to buy ice cream but he gets a call from office he left from there for urgent purpose. Pakhi waits long and dials to him after frustrated. She gets a message from Ishaan that he left for some emergency. She gets angry to read that message. She looks around that place no vehicle at that time and darkness everywhere. She curses Ishaan for left her alone in such place. She gets nervous seeing the darkness there. She calls to Agastya but his line is busy. She has no idea what to do next? She slowly walks from there to get any lift. She scared to see some people approaching her. She starts shivering in fear on that time she only think about Agastya in her mind. She feels someone hands around her shoulder. She sense that smell familiar to her. She gets sigh seeing Agastya there licking ice cream. He forward one to her. Pakhi hugs him in happiness and cries in relive. He consoles her and tells her ice cream will melt so better finish it asap. Pakhi punch on his stomach and snatches the ice cream from his hand and start licking it showing tongue to her. Agastya looks back at the people whom followed Pakhi. He sign them to leave or else their death will be in his hand.

Screen froze

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