Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan: Meera to activate the bomb planted in Tara’s hand?

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Voot’s popular show Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan is gearing up for more drama with Meera asking Agastya to kill his mentor, Subutk save Tara. 

Previously, it was seen that Pakhi, with the help of Mona and Naveli, fooled Vicki, Agastya’s doppelganger and got him drunk. Agastya pretended to be Vicky in front of the guards and would go to his office to get a device with which he could deactivate the bomb.

Meara received her head’s call, who asked her about the plan’s progress. Meera assured him that Pakhi and Agastya had to agree to their plan. Meara went to check on Agastya and Pakhi. Agastya reached the room in time through the secret room and pretended to sleep.

Later, Agastya was successful in turning off the blinking red light on Tara’s. Pakhi, Agastya and Tara were rejoicing at the victory.  Meera learned about Pakhi and Agastya planning something after finding drunk, unconscious Vicky with a wine bottle.

Meara threatened to reduce the bomb explosion time limit if they try to remove or deactivate the chip. Meara took Tara from Pakhi and Agastya as punishment for acting over smart.

In today’s episode, it will be seen that Meera will instruction Agastya to act as to be drunken threaten Subut in a public place. She will ask Pakhi to tell Subut that Agastya will kill him if he doesn’t listen to him.

Agastya and Pakhi will obey to Meera in order to save Tara. Agastya will argue with Subu and will create a scene. He will push Pakhi towards a table on which plates filled with colors are placed. Pakhi will trun the running fan towards it to create a distraction as Agastya instructed ger earlier.

Using the opportunity Agastya gives Subut’s son, Pratap, a letter in which he wrote that Subut’s life in danger. Later Agastya and Pakhi will be shocked to learn that Pratap is the mastermind who instructs Meera.

He wants to kill his dad using Agastya and sent him to jail to take over his dad’s business and destroys Agastya who was a his business competitor. He will warn Meera failing in her plan again. A furious Meera will activate th the bomb in Tara’s hand. 

What will Pakhi and Agastya do? Will they accept to murder Subut? 

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