Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan: Pakhi and Agastya’e story to take a leap of six years!

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Colors popular show Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan is gearing up for more drama with the show taking a leap.

Previously it was seen that Pakhi decided to leave Agastya in order to keep her child away from him. She made sweet and served her family for a last time. She pretended to receive a message from Agastya. She told her family that Agastya was waiting for her outside.

She got emotional and cried before walking out. Other hand Agastya was eagerly waiting for Pakhi. He got worried when Pakhi didn’t come yet and her number was switched off. He called Shanaya and asked about Pakhi. Shanaya said that Pakhi left long back which shocked Agastya.
Mona gave Agastya a letter that she found at their doorstep. He read that letter. In the letter Pakhi said that she was leaving him as he broke her trust by attacking Shanaya and pretending to save her.

She mentioned that she transferred all the properties back on his name. She requested him to not harm her family if he really loved her and requested to not try to find her. Agastya got heartbroken on reading the letter. He rushed to find Pakhi. Meanwhile Pakhi reached the airport.

In the upcoming week it will be seen that the show will take a leap of 6 years. Pakhi and Agastya will be shown in a new Avatar. Agastya will become an workaholic. He will run his hospital and help the handicapped kids hy providing free prosthetic legs. He will avoid answering all questions related to Pakhi and about his second marriage.

He will not anyone enter his room and will leave his life with Pakhi’s photo and memories in that room. He will hope to meet Pakhi one day. Other hand Pakhi will be in Shimla with her daughter Tara and will work as event planner.

What will happen next? Will Pakhi and Agastya come face to face?

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