Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan: Pakhi and Agastya’s ghost drama to scare Meera?

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Colors daily soap Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan is gearing up for more drama with Agastya and Pakhi executing their plan to take revenge from Meera.

Previously it was seen that Pakhi met Agastya secretly and said that they have to use Meera’s biggest fear to defeat her and her biggest fear is Agastya as he is standing between her and the property so she tried to kill him twice. She told that she has a plan and for that she would need Agastya, Naveli and Shanaya’s help. Pakhi told Naveli and Shanaya about Agastya pretending to be in coma and sought their help for her plan. They agreed. Pakhi faked Agastya’s death. Mohit and his men took Agastya out on the pretext of doing his last rites. Later Pakhi met Agastya and discussed about their next plan.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that in the night, as per Agastya and Pakhi’s plan, Agastya will scare Meera by appearing in front of her. The latter will faint getting frightened. After gaining her consciousness Meera will say that she saw Agastya and he is alive. Yug will say that she might have dreamed. Pakhi will say that Agastya’s ghost returned. Yug will deny it. Later Pakhi will say to Meera that he felt someone’s presence in Agastya’s room while crossing it. Meera will go and will get afraid seeing Agastya’s shoes moving and door will get closed by itself. Meera will tell Yug, but he won’t believe her. Meera and Yug will go to the crematory and will check the CCTV footage. Meera will see Agastya body taken inside and will confirm Agastya’s ghost is in their house. Meera will ask Pakhi what Agastya wants from her to which Pakhi will say that he wants revenge.

What will Pakhi and Agastya do next? Will Agastya and Pakhi get successful in their plan?

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