Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Weekly Update: Dadi got murdered by Meera.

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The week started with Pakhi and Agastya’s lookalike having breakfast with their family. Pakki called out to Agastya. She called him Dodo. Agastya’s lookalike didn’t know Agastya’s surname Dodo, so he didn’t respond to Pakhi which surprised all.

Agastya’s lookalike managed to cover up this saying that he was thinking about some official work. However this alerted Dadi. Later Meera instructed fake Agastya to get intimate with Pakhi before wedding. She made sure that the real Agastya to watch this live.

But Meera’s plan flopped when Pakhi stopped fake Agastya from coming closer to her saying that she was feeling anxious for an unaware reason. The real Agastya laughed and mocked Meera for her plan got foiled.

In Agastya’s lookalike and Pakhi’s Sangeet Tara wished to see Agastya and Pakhi dancing on their favorite song. So she asked Agastya’s lookalike to tell his and Pakhi’s favorite song. Agastya’s lookalike got tensed as he didn’t know.

Meera signed him to buy some time until she would find it. Agastya’s lookalike danced with Tara on her favorite song. Upon Meera’s instruction Agastya’s lookalike made Tara fall to create distraction.

In the meantime Meera got Agastya and Pakhi’s favorite song through her men who beat real Agastya to get this information. Dadi noticed this and questioned Agastya.

Agastya’s lookalike managed escape by giving some excuse. Agastya’s lookalike understood that Dadi was too smart as previously alerted by Meera. So he decided to keep a close eye on her.

Later Dadi’s suspicion grew stronger seeing Agastya throwing away his favorite childhood toy that gifted by Pakhi. Dadi refused to believe that Agastya could do this. She concluded that he wasn’t Agastya, but his doppelganger.

Dadi decided to stop Pakhi and Agastya’s doppelganger’s wedding at any cost. She even pretended to faint in Haldi ceremony to stop it, but she failed. Agastya’s lookalike and Meera noticed Dadi’s changed behavior and understood that she learned the truth.

Dadi tried to tell Pakhi the truth by calling her to the storeroom, but Meera came there and attacked Dadi. She ties her hands and legs with rope. She messaged Pakhi from Dadi’s phone saying she left for the hospital to see her friend who was serious.

Pakhi got worried about Dadi when Dadi didn’t receive her calls. Pakhi decided to not get married until Dadi would return home and sent her a audio message about the same. Agastya’s lookalike overheard this and informed Meera about Pakhi’s decision.

Meera threatened Dadi to harm Tara if she didn’t obey her. She forced Dadi to send an audio message to Pakhi. Pakhi received Dadi’s audio message in which Dadi said that her friend was in ICU so she wouldn’t be able to attend the marriage and asked Pakhi to get married without her. Pakhi agreed, but she felt anxious and wondered why she was feeling so.

Tara heard a sound coming from the storeroom and tried to open it, but Meera stopped her. Agastya watched Pakhi and his lookalike sitting on the wedding mandap and felt helpless.

However Agastya was confident that Pakhi would recognize his lookalike and would stop the wedding. Agastya watched crying Pakhi and Agastya’s lookalike performing the wedding rituals. He wished that Pakhi would stop the wedding realizing he wasn’t Agastya.

Meanwhile Dadi managed to free herself and escaped from the storeroom. She rushed to stop Pakhi and Agastya’s lookalike wedding. Meera stopped Dadi on her way. They both fought.

Meera injected a drug on Dadi’s shoulder. Yet Dadi pushed Meera down and reached the wedding mandap. All noticed Dadi and rushed to her. Pakhi left the wedding rituals in the middle and ran to Dadi. The latter fainted and died.

Family got shocked with Dadi’s sudden death. Pakhi found that Dadi had lied to them. Her friend was in London and she’s well and realized that Dadi didn’t go to see her friend in the hospital.

She doubted that her death isn’t natural. She got determined to find the truth behind Dadi’s death. Meera instructed Agastya’s lookalike to get intimate with Pakhi and make her pregnant.

Agastya’s lookalike tried to come closer to Pakhi, but she pushed him away. Later Agastya’s lookalike planned to go for a movie with Pakhi and family in order to convince Pakhi.

Pakhi received an anonymous letter. In that letter Pakhi was asked to come to a place to know the truth about Dadi’s death. Pakhi pretended to have headache and asked the family to go to the cinema without her.

Pakhi reached the location and waited for the person who wrote that letter. A helmet man was watching Pakhi from far. Meera pointed gun at him. A FB showed Meera seeing Pakhi getting the anonymous letter.

The man removed his helmet. Meera got shocked to see Yug. The latter said that he wanted to help Pakhi for money and he agreed to team up with Meera if she would give him more money.

Agastya requested to help him. But Yug refused. Later Pakhi got another anonymous letter and wondered if it was also sent by the same person.

Who is the sender of this new anonymous letter? Did Yug pretend to help Meera? Will Pakhi find out the truth?
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