Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Weekly Update: Ishan called Tara as his daughter in front of Agastya.

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The previous week we have seen that Tara won the little Einstein competition. Agastya handed over the winning trophy to Tara. The latter dedicated her trophy to her mother. Later Tara video called Pakhi and told her about winning the competition.

Pakhi got elated and asked Tara to reach home soon so that they could celebrate it together. But Agastya planned to take the kids to his house for a special party. Tara called Pakhi to inform the same, but Pakhi didn’t receive the call.

Agastya took Tara along with other kids to his house. Tara met Dadi. The latter got impressed when Tara took her blessings. Tara said that her mother taught her this. Dadi asked Tara’s mother name. Tara got distracted by her friend and didn’t tell Dadi her mom’s name.

Agastya got a cake and he locked himself in his room to celebrate Pakhi’s birthday with her picture. Tara came there looking for Agastya. As Agastya didn’t enter the room, she didn’t see Pakhi’s photo.

Agastya shared with Tara that he is celebrating a special person’s birthday that day. Tara said that her mom also celebrates her birthday that day which surprised Agastya. Tara and Agastya cut the cake together.

Later Tara noticed Pakhi’s missed calls and called her back. Pakhi panicked knowing Tara is with Agastya in his house. She wondered whether Agastya got to know Tara’s truth. She decided to go to to Agastya’s house to know the answer.

She got hit by a biker and fainted while trying to stop an auto. Sameer got shocked on spotting unconscious Pakhi. He rushed her to the hospital.

Meanwhile Agastya dropped off Tara at the hotel. He stayed with Tara when she panicked not finding her mom in the room. Agastya reassured Tara. He fed food to her and put her to sleep. Other hand Pakhi gained her consciousness and got emotional on seeing Sameer.

She apologized to him and told about him having a granddaughter and she was being at Agastya’s house. She was scared that Agastya would snatch Tara from her.

Later Sameer and Pakhi sent a lady to Agastya to pretend to be Tara’s mother. Agastya felt Pakhi’s presence while leaving the hotel. Pakhi and Sameer were watching Agstya leaving hiding.

Pakhi returned to her house upon Sameer’s request. She got emotional meeting her family. She introduced Sameer, Prema and Shanaya to Tara. Just then Ishan returned home. A FB showed that Ishan already knew that about Pakhi being in Delhi.

Pakhi thanked Ishan for looking after her family in her absence and introduced him Tara as her daughter. Ishan understood that Tara is Agastya and Pakhi’s daughter. Tara hid behind Pakhi refusing to meet Ishan. Meanwhile Agastya missed Tara.

He decided to talk to Tara’s mother about shifting Tara’s school to Delhi. Payal’s dad brought her marriage proposal for Agastya. But Agastya rejected it. Pakhi decided to go back to Shimla with Tara.

Ishan asked Pakhi her address in Shimla. Pakhi refused to give it. Ishan got Tara’s phone on the pretext to click a family picture of Pakhi and messaged Agastya that Tara is going to get kidnapped and shared Pakhi’s house location.

Meanwhile Agastya called Tara’s principal to get her address. Principal refused to give it as it’s not allowed. Later principal called Pakhi and told about Agastya trying to contact her. Pakhi got worried and tried to leave hurriedly with Tara.

Agastya came there with police and got stunned seeing Pakhi there. Tara questioned Agastya if he already knew his mother. Agastya was shocked hearing this and asked Pakhi if Tara was his daughter.

Pakhi lashed out at him and accused him of lying when Agastya said that he received Tara’s message. Tara also denied of sending message to him. Ishan got happy that his plan of increasimg the hatred between Agastya and Pakhi worked.

Agastya demanded Pakhi to tell the truth about Tara’s dad. Pakhi became speechless. Ishan intervened and claimed that he is Tara’s dad shocking all. Agastya refused to believe this and asked Pakhi to tell the truth. Ishan asked Agastya to leave. Agastya walked away with a broken heart.

Later Tara questioned Pakhi about Ishan’s declaration. Pakhi asked her to trust her. Pakhi shouted at Ishan for lying that he is Tara’s dad. She tells her parents that she has to leave to protect Tara from Agastya. Pakhi got ready to leave with Tara. Sameer suffered got heart attack suddenly.

So Pakhi decided to stay back for Sameer’s sake and got determined to protect Tara from Agastya at any cost. Other hand agastya told Dadi that Tara is Pakhi and Ishan’s daughter shocking dadi.

Here Ishan proposed Pakhi to act as him, Pakhi and Tara were one family and added that he was ready to adopt Tara legally for that shocking Pakhi. Pakhi disagreed with ishan’s idea. But Ishan tried to manipulate Pakhi that this was the only way to protect Tara from Agastya.

In the upcoming week it will be shown that Pakhi will come to Tara’s room to wake her up. She will get shocked and will panick not finding Tara in the room. She will try to call Tara.

She will get worried when Tara’s phone will get switched. Ishan will say that Agastya could have kidnapped Tara. Other hand Tara will be unconscious and she will in a car that’s moving.
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