Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Weekly Update: Pakhi, Agastya and Tara’s union.

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The last it was seen that Pakhi and Tara got kidnapped again by Ishan in front of the police station. Tara cleverly dropped her asthma pump to leave a clue for Agastya to find them. The latter noticed Tara’s clue and understood that Pakhi and Tara got kidnapped.

He suspected Ishan for their kidnapping. Elsewhere Pakhi realized that Ishan tried to provoke her against Agastya all these time in order to separate them. To make Ishan confess the same, Pakhi provoked Ishan comparing him to Agastya.

Ishan fell in the trap and revealed all his plots against Agastya to Pakhi. Pakhi lashed out at ishan. Ishan considered Tara as an obstacle to get Pakhi. So he threatened Pakhi to kill her if she would try to act smart.

Meanwhile Agstya was trying to find Pakhi and Tara’s whereabouts. Agastya was checking the CCTV footage of the police station surroundings. He spotted Pakhi and Tara going in a car and their being followed by Ishan. Agastya got the location’s address of Ishan’s last activity.

He rushed there to save Pakhi and Tara. After reaching there he realized that Ishan was misleading him and police. He decided to look for Pakhi and Tara in the surrounding areas.

Other hand Pakhi regretted misunderstanding Agastya. Ishan got the necessary things necessary to marry Pakhi the next day. Pakhi decided to escape before that. She looked for a way to escape. She spotted an air vent. She convinced Tara to escape through the air vent and bring Agastya to save her.

On knowing their plan Ishan tried to stop Tara. Pakhi prevented him and fought with him. Ishan pushed Pakhi. The latter got hurt in her head and fainted. Ishan tied up Pakhi to a chair and went to find Tara.

Tara managed to escape from Ishan. She got a phone from a passerby and called Agastya, but his phone was busy. Tara rejected when the passerby offered her to drop off at the police station.

Tara tried to find the police station on her own. Ishan spotted Tara and tried to kidnap her again. But he hid on seeing Agastya. Tara told Agastya the description of the building where Ishan kept her and Pakhi. She asked Agastya to save Pakhi.

Ishan heard this and tried to move Pakhi to a new place before Agastya’s arrival. But Pakhi tricked Ishan. She injured him and attempted to escape. Ishan chased her.

Agastya arrived along with police to the location descripted by Tara. He got worried on spotting Ishan’s car with blood marks on it. But soon he understood that Pakhi must have run away from Ishan on seeing the nails near the punctured tyre.

Agastya decided to search for Pakhi in the surroundings. Other hand Pakhi hid inside a garage to escape from Ishan. She stumbled and fell down while trying to run away and spotted by Ishan. At Agastya’s house, Tara prayed to God for Pakhi.

She got an asthma attack and asked to see Pakhi. Mona calmed her down showing Pakhi’s pictures hanged on Agastya room’s wall. In the garage Pakhi warned Ishan that he couldn’t get successful in his intention as Agastya must be coming to save her.

Ishan didn’t want to lose and decided to unite with Pakhi in death. He attacked Pakhi with a tool to kill her. But Agastya stopped Ishan saving Pakhi.

Agastya and Ishan got into a violent fight. Ishan shot at Agastya and he fainted. Pakhi hit Ishan and took the gun from him. She fired at him when he tried to attack her. Ishan fell down getting hit by the bullet and died. Police had arrived there.

The inspector clarified Pakhi that he shot Ishan and not her. Pakhi rushed Agastya to the hospital along with the police. Tara reached the hospital along with family members.

Pakhi and Tara prayed to God for Agastya’s recovering. They got relieved when doctor said that Agastya was out of the danger. However Agastya was still unconscious.

Meera entered the hospital in the disguise of a nurse. She got determined to take revenge on Agastya for sending her only son away from her to the abroad and to complete the work that Ishan left incomplete.

Meera tried to kill Aastya by cutting his oxygen supply when Pakhi and Tara weren’t in the room. Pakhi and Tara returned in time and saved Agastya. They tried to catch Meera, but she managed to flee.

Pakhi suspect Meera to be behind this attack as the physical feature of the lady who tried to kill Agastya matched with Meera. Later Agastya gained his consciousness. Pakhi apologized to him for misunderstanding him. Agastya forgave her. Pakhi, Agastya and Tara got united.

In the upcoming week it will be seen that Pakhi and Agastya will return home with Tara and will be welcomed by dadi. While Agastya and Pakhi will have a happy family moment, Meera will refuse to give up on her plan after the failure and will vow to destroy Pakhi and Agastya’s life

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