Fans demand No Leap No Kids for SHIVI: Pandya Store

Pandya Store hook audience with its high voltage drama. According to the latest track show might see leap twist ahead.

Not only Pandya Store, star plus most of the shows are heading for leap. Ekta Kapoor’s Yeh Hai Chahtein recently seen a time leap. Nayantara and Samrat’s story is getting audience attention.

Rajan Shahi’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is all set for 5 years leap. Abhimanyu and Akshara will be show raising their child separately.

Pandya Store is next. Show couple Raavi and Shiva is all set to embrace parenthood. ShiVi and fans of the show against the upcoming twist in the show. Most recently, Pandya Store fans united to trend the hastag NO LEAP NO KID FOR SHIVI

Check out the reasons why fans are against the upcoming leap twist in Raavi and Shiva’s life:

There is so much to explore in Shivi’s life. Shiva to complete his education & then build his own business. Raavi’s growth as SM influencer. Shivi’s growth as a couple before their parenthood. We want ShiVi to relish preg. phase like other’s. Plz request, NO LEAP NO KID FOR SHIVI

Audience wanted *Character Growth* of their favorite character Raavi Pandya! And you gifted them with the character’s butchering. NO LEAP NO KID FOR SHIVI

This is absolutely not fair to skip their important phases, we want to see positive phases of ShiVi We want to see happy ShiVi building their relation and experience the little joys of life NO LEAP NO KID FOR SHIVI

Unnecessary unacceptable The sizzling chemistry of kdice is enough for anything as shivi they ruling on millions hearts Pls don’t ruin don’t think need any skip NO LEAP NO KID FOR SHIVI

Want to see shivi growth But here makers show growth of shivi child NO LEAP NO KID FOR SHIVI

Your take on the upcoming leap in Pandya Store.

On story front, Ravvi will vow to not let Shiva re-enter the boxing ring. Shiva will ignore Raavi. Elsewhere, Dhara will get arrested. Keep watching the show for the amazing twists and turns.

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