Fans reviewed ‘Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani, talked about what attracted them towards the show, reason behind missing SAAKK, take on show concept and more: Read out!

Show Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani ended earlier this week but fever for SAAKK is same among the audience. Fans of the show is still cherishing the memories, and ‘Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani’ is still making its place in trending list. Thus, we catch handful of SAAKK fans to know from them, what is still keeping them hooked to the show and its memory. Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani fans took part in our fan activity and answered us based upon the question we framed upon ‘SAAKK’. Read out below!


Talking about the same fan @harsha38112570 writes; “Its unique storyline Never saw a professor student relationship It’s considered as taboo in our society. But in real there r many cases. I wanted the answer why can’t two adults get in a relationship when they love each other. And a misogynist person falls in love with the same opposite personality. So these two attracted me the most

Adding more to this; @Shakhiforever2 says: “The characters, the aura of shaurya and anokhi is what ITV has never seen, two strong characters depicting every emotion, whether its related to family or love. Also the fact that it showed societal pressures and injustice which happens with every girl in some point of time in their life really attracted me towards the show. Mein anokhi hu is apt for each girl.

Moving on when we reached out @RoNakshiStan, @HPloversushi and @AashiMittal18 to know what attracted them towards SAAKK?

@RoNakshiStan confessed; “you really can’t ignore good stuff for long. It was precisely the college admission interview and hindi of Password that had my attention for the show.”

@HPloversushi quoted “I was attracted towards the show from the very first promo itself but l became an ardent viewer from Shakhi’s sindur marriage,that vermillion scene,shakhi’s chemistry and small and important social topics related to society which was brilliantly shown in the show attracted me”

Lastly according to @AashiMittal18; “The realistic things the show gives us nd also the character of anokhi from SAAKK has taught us many things nd shaurya too gave us many learnings so basically those learnings nd realistic things attracts me the most”


Fans confessed they were sad and shattered. ”l was sad and shocked to the core,coz a wonderful show like SAAKK going off air was truly an unbelievable thing as this show was gaining immense popularity worldwide. So it was hard to accept the fact that show is going off air. Still its difficult to believe and it will take time to sink in”- says @HPloversushi.

“It was honestly heartbreaking. Our hearts skipped beats”- quotes @harsha38112570

“It’s heartbreaking and disappointing tbh as a fan, as a viewer, as a consumer that I am forced not to watch stuff I am paying for”- writes @RoNakshiStan

“I felt terrible. I actually got anxiety attacks and that I literally was on less food and water because of this news which was no less than a trauma for me”- @Shakhiforever2 confessed!

Lastly, for @AashiMittal18  “It was not less than a heart break i mean this show is the closest to my heart nd i haven’t seen like this before so when i heard about closure i was like have to do something so that it can save”


Answering the same fan @bhavyazaya states; “I think it a very nice,good and unique concept talking about things that is so normal nowadays I have seen such relationship more closely since my friends big sister also have a similar kinda relationship and they are happily married now and since professor-student relationship is considered as taboo in our society I think it’s time people overcome their old soch and start changing themselves slowly slowly as change is need of the hour and our show Shaurya aur Anokhi ki Kahani focus on this change of soch primarily with the tagline ” Bade logo ki choti soch se takkar lene aarahi hai Anokhi jo hai chote seher par uski soch bahut badi hai”

@Rasvi56 writes: “When I saw promo of SAAKK I perceived the show to be an interesting story between two persons with entirely different ideologies, one a girl who has many dreams & aspirations for her education, career on the on the other hand misogynistic professor who held such views against women career orientations…For me this was the concept & never much thought that their relationship as Professor & student is an big issue because I myself have seen many such Professor student love stories becoming successful & don’t it is a thing to be made issue of. Aftrall all are human beings & have feeling.”

While, according to @rarchana24– “The relationship between a student and a teacher is still considered as a taboo but I have seen lot of real time couples who have fallen in love and got married. The character played as Shaurya is not a professor anymore in the college the time he proposed Anokhi. He was still the director of the college but not a professor. So the writers have taken the concept perfect to make it real. The chemistry between the leads Shaurya and Anokhi played by Karanvir Sharma and Debattama Saha sets the screen on fire and they are so intense that you blush and can’t get them out of your head. The couple is addictive”.


According to @bhavyazaya: “Anokhi is a headstrong,mature & strong-willed girl who can do anything for the people she loves but due to her childhood experience she has developed a soch that men’s can’t let women be superior of them which is true She also quoted once that it’s always said that ” ‘Behind a men’s success there is a women’ but it’s not said that ‘Behind a women’s succes there’s a man’.Why? but I believe all men are not like that and Anokhi learned that with time but she judges people quite easily so that part needed some growth which was not shown in this season and we would love to see her grow more in season 2”.

Talking about Shaurya @bhavyazaya quote; “He is a flawed character for sure and also acts implusive at times due to his fear of abandonment issues but his character growth in the show is highly commendable from the person who never said sorry to realising his mistakes and saying sorry woh bhi dil se and not just for the sake of saying it”

“Any human should never be judged based on their gender but should be judged based on their capabilities . These motivating thoughts of anokhi made her as an example , an inspiration to all girls . The serial is about the story of these two people with different ideologies”- @rarchana24 writes about Anokhi’s character.

Talking about Shaurya @rarchana24 quote- “Shaurya Sabherwal is an emotionally touched male lead in an ITV show. Shaurya is close to reality . No exhibition of extravagance is added which makes him unique.”

As per @Rasvi56 Anokhi is an inspiration for all the girls. “She is truely an inspiration for all girls who has to go through tough situation for pursuing their career & education. she is also inspiration for those who need to speak against wrng things even if the infrnt person is senior colleague or elder. I love the boldness of her character. Anokhi is truely Anokhi going any length for her loved ones & also her dreams”

Talking about Shaurya’s character; @Rasvi56 writes “He is truely an good example of a supportive life partner who supported Anokhi for her education & then also to take up job as assistant teacher. It’s difficult to understand Shaurya & his actions sometimes but he is most genuine. I connected to him & could feel his emotions closely even though it’s a fictional character”

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Right  from @RoNakshiStan, @HPloversushi, @AashiMittal18,@Rasvi56, @harsha38112570, @rarchana24 to @Shakhiforever2; fans quoted their best reasons for missing SAAKK. But commonly they all are missing one of the most unique ITV content and Shaurya-Anokhi the most.

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