#FaTejo Fans reviewed ‘Udaariyan’; talked about the show, on-going track, favorite character and more!

Ever since show Udaariyan premiered, show fetched mixed reaction from the audience. Despite of good TRP, fans of the show trended the show complaining about its storyline. They also criticized shows character Tejo, Fateh and Jasmine. Thus, for our fan session activity we fetched character TEJO fans from ‘Udaariyaan’ this time to learn more about show storyline, on-going track, favorite character and more! Read them out below.

1. Show ‘Udaariyaan’ was always a triangle love story, what made fans to criticize the show?

Talking about the same fan @exolexiee quoted;We all knew Udaariyaan will be a love triangle. It was okay, as we all know in ITV there are mostly typical love triangles. What was not expected was Fatejo’s marriage, intimacy and the EMA that followed later.  The whole Extramarital Affair with your saali was bad. The reason for Fateh to go back to Jasmine again was also childish. Everything Tejo did was forgotten by just a burning of passport, that’s cheap. So what made fans criticize the show was this – we never signed up for the Extra Marital affair and all the negativity that came with it.”

Adding more to this fan @priyankit_fan wrote: “If they had to keep the show as a love triangle, they should not have involved marriage and more so intimacy after marriage and then show an EMA track directly after that. The show received major backlash for showing how Fateh started an affair with Jasmin immediately after he shared physical intimacy with Tejo & it was completely unexpected. Criticism also followed because of how the show made a mockery of marriage & sisterhood by romanticizing & glorifying the immoral relation between jija and saali. The cheaters were shown to have no remorse no guilt for their actions & the innocent Tejo was always, is always shown suffering for no fault of her own.”

“It’s not just a love triangle, it’s a married man cheating on his wife with his ex-girlfriend who also happens to be his very own sister-in-law, this is nothing but extra-marital affair and exploitation. The reason behind the heavy criticism this show receives is because the makers are romanticising cheating, extra-marital affair and toxic relationships. Furthermore, the tracks thus far have portrayed the cheater (Fateh) as a “bachara” who is emotionally unavailable and incapable of falling in love again because apparently, forgetting and moving on from your “first love” is near impossible and therefore cheating suddenly becomes OK; this is a horrible message the makers are delivering, there is NO justification for cheating”- said @FatejoKiKahaani

As per: @SanjKiDuniya- she felt show will be interesting despite of triangle love story. “At the start i felt show was very interesting despite of being a love triangle. It gave us different angle of sisterhood, family, friendship and love. But soon it all changed to just showing toxic angle of above mentioned relations. I didint understand how marriage of Fateh and Tejo was done hastily and just after showing their intimicy the very next moment he turns to cheating on with tejo with jasmine. For me it felt so rushed and confusing how does a character change overnight and EMA plot came out  unnecessary. Also too much negativity does not sit well with fans they do accept little bit of positivity in episodes. There are very good supporting character in the show such as Amrik, Mahi, Abhiraaj who were hardly being shown”.

2. Talk something about the current track. Are you satisfied with the on-going?

Sharing their views on the current track our top 4 selected fans told us that they are partially satisfied with the on-going. After big revelation in the show fans expected Tejo’s move on and Fateh’s realization doing wrong with Jasmine and Tejo. But makers are showing it otherwise. Tejo, Fateh and Jasmine are staying under the same roof after so much happened is irking the viewers of the show. Fans revealed they expected better storyline.

3. Amid Tejo, Jasmine and Fateh, who do you think is right at their place? 

Fans quoted none amid the three is right at their place.

“Honestly speaking for me its no one currently. Fateh and Jasmine is shown selfish from start. They both had turned love into toxic game and at start i felt Tejo was wronged with the way both used them for their own ego and jealousy game. Tejo was a character from the very start who put family first and would forget her own pain for them. So she being considerate about Fateh’s family is understandable. But do they deserve it? I would rather say she should have walked away from both her families as they had failed to consider her feelings. What i currently dont like is after her strong dialogues where she says she has nothing to do with fateh and jasmine yet she is seen caring for them and doing chores for them”- @SanjKiDuniya

Honestly, none of them. Fateh is ready to leave everyone behind just for Jasmine who doesn’t even love him for real. He treats Tejo like an intruder as if she did wrong to him and not the other way around. He is a confused character, ungrateful and even selfish, similar to Jasmine who only loves herself and wants to gain everything that Tejo has, she even forgot her own family and insulted her parents, having no respect for anyone at all, she doesn’t even care for Fateh as well”- @exolexiee

 4. Who is your favorite Udaariyaan character and why?

Fans loving Tejo’s character so far.

@exolexiee- I love Tejo. She is strong, kind and loves her family to the core. She can do anything for them, even sacrificing her happiness, But because she is so selfless, everyone takes her for granted. Instead of watching Jas Fa suffer, she is the one being targeted, as both Jas Fa are selfish and they don’t care for Tejo. I feel sad for her sometimes as she is there for everyone, but then when you look at her you will just find a lonely heartbroken woman, with no one by her side. I know why she wants to stay in the Virk house, I understand but it’s better to leave than stay for someone who only cares about their reputation and respect.

@FatejoKiKahaani- Tejo, played by Priyanka Chahar Choudhary has always been a favourite character of mine since the very first episode of Udaariyaan. Tejo’s humble and supportive nature, her respect towards others and the unconditional love she showers upon those close to her heart is what makes her character so different and special.

5. What makes you hook to the show?

Fans revealed their own reasons to watch the show. Most of them liked Fateh and Tejo’s chemistry that made them hook to the show!

Lastly, what one suggestion you will give to the makers of Udaariyan?

Talking with us Tejo fans told us that they want makers to focus on Tejo’s journey as she is the only strong character in the show!

“Give us a solo journey of Tejo. Many fans are rooting for her and we just want to see her taking her own stand. Priyanka choudhary is amazing as Tejo and very mucb loved.  I do like Ankit and Isha character too they are both doing justice to their role. Its not easy to play such roles which so much audience backlash. Since Jasmine and fateh wants eachother then they should be together there is no need for a another traingle of including Tejo between them. Its hightime Tejo chooses her own route. Bring a change and give us a journey where someone wronged chooses themselves. Really would love to see a new character as tejo deserves to have a friend to speak out her feelings rather than suffering alone. The supporting characters needs to be used more to make the episodes light hearted and positive rather than them being just of jasmine plotting and never being exposed”- @SanjKiDuniya

“I would say, please stop showing so many negative things in your show. Fill it with positive things as well like the Tejo-Mahi-Amrik bond as well as  how Tejo heals everyone but herself as well. No woman needs a man to complete her but Tejo should at least get a companion, who won’t just help her move on but also who will make her love herself”-

“Please focus on Tejo. People are watching Udaariyaan only for Tejo. Tejo is one of the most loved character in ITV currently, she is ruling all charts and winning hearts everywhere. Peopl are invested in her story. So ease show us more of Tejo’s journey. Increase her screentime. If possible, please bring in a new male parallel lead for Tejo, everyone has this wish only! Experiment with Tejo’s character because Priyanka Choudhary has the potential and talent to ace any role”- @priyankit_fan

So [@exolexiee, @priyankit_fan, @FatejoKiKahaani, @SanjKiDuniya] are our top fans who got featured in our article this week. Thank you so much for the interaction.

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