Fight against 2020 in just a few weeks with Salman Khan and colors tv

Colors posted first post regarding Bigg Boss’s Grand primeire date. Yes! You heard it right! With the excitement level high for Bigg Boss after last year’s most viewed season. This year’s Bigg Boss is more special as lockdown and 2020 has got people in different mode which they want to escape from. People have been inside a real life Bigg Boss in this lockdown. Now with Bigg Boss coming with the tagline ‘Bigg Boss dega 2020 ko dega jawab’

Viewers are excited to see Salman Khan hosting their favourite show. The contestant will make all the more buzz soon once the list is released. This time’s promo shows how Salman breaks off the chains and haathkadi. He says ‘ ab boredem ko krenge chaknachoor’ which attracts viewers more as everyone is thinking of some way or other to get rid of boredem.

The final primeire date is set on 3rd October 2020, which is just few weeks away. The timing for weekdays being 10:30pm and for weekends 9pm.

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