Fighting Cancer Together

Fighting Cancer Together

This Cancer Day, TV celebs talk about the deadly disease and how to prevent it.

Shashank Vyas: Cancer is a dreadful disease…more than that, it’s a very painful disease and the patients have to go through a painful process for its cure like chemotherapy. So, I think one should adopt a habit of regular health checkups to prevent it. If diagnosed in time, it is curable. One shouldn’t get scared by it. Many famous personalities like Manisha Koirala and Yuvraaj Singh have fought against the disease and succeeded in their fights.

Tinaa Dattaa: It’s true that cancer has become a nightmare for each and every person. Everyone is scared of this disease and its symptoms. I perceive prevention is better than cure. I personally believe that people should go for regular health checkups and take care of their lifestyle. A balance of body and mind is important.

Arjun Bijlani: It’s not easy to see the trauma that cancer patients go through. I want to say that most cancers are curable if detected on time. People should change their lifestyle, start doing Yoga and focus on healthy living and healthy eating. Many personalities like Sonali Bendre and Lisa Ray have succeeded in fighting against this dreadful disease.

Mohammad Nazim: It’s painful to see the trauma of cancer patients and the helpfulness faced by people due to lack a cure. The family members of the patient get affected. Finding the right support system is a must. Innocent people are dying due to the lack of preventive measures and precaution. Cancer awareness camps are a good idea in schools, colleges and even malls.

Khalid Siddiqui: Cancer is common these days. A healthy lifestyle is important. What you eat is important and to know what is eating you is more important. Good mental and emotional health is essential. Awareness and detection camps should be organized once in four months and not just on cancer day.

Smiriti Kalra: Many people know about cancer but a lot of people are unaware of how it happens. Only smoking and drinking don’t cause cancer. It can happen due to a lot of things. It’s an abnormal growth of cells, they eat away your body tissue. It can happen to anyone. Of course, smoking and drinking can aggravate the condition. Cancer used to happen in old age, but many young people are also getting it now. I think it’s a lifestyle disease. Like diabetes, cancer can also happen due to stress. This is also a proven fact. Our hormones change due to stress and the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, increases in the body. It’s also the food we eat. Even if we eat homemade food, there are pesticides that we take in. Even the air we breathe…more than oxygen, we inhale pollution. All of this is aggravating cancer and this is why young people are also getting it. Cancer can happen to anyone as I said. We can live a more stress-free life. However, this is tough, especially for women, since we work as well as run the house. What we can do is go for a 30-minute walk every day. We can breathe in-breathe out, do pranayama. When you are born, you breathe in and when you die you breathe out. Life is a breath. Also, there are a lot of cases of breast cancer and cervical cancer. For breast cancer, you can do a self-checkup. If you feel a lump on your breast area, that might indicate something. For cervical cancer, there is vaccination and every woman must take it. We have got to know about cancer through films, ads. But if a person gets cancer, it’s not only he who is affected but so is his family. I feel that in India, there must be more support groups. Emotionally, financially, cancer eats away not only the patient but the entire family. The family has to deal with the trauma as well.